Feast holiday metrobus delights passengers

The holiday break metrobus passengers happy: Taxi drivers in Istanbul, 9 day holiday holiday citizens were saddened by the city to empty. The taxi drivers who are complaining about not finding a customer are looking forward to the end of the holiday.
As the last days of the holidays were approached, holidaymakers were already concerned about return traffic. On Saturday and Sunday, it is estimated that there will be a great confluence on arrival in Istanbul. Experts warn the drivers not to go through the sleepless wheel, the traffic rules to be strictly observed.
3. Istanbul's streets and streets were again empty. Citizens using the metro, holidaymakers are pleased to leave Istanbul, he said. Citizens who lived to enjoy sitting in the distance, said the distance traveled in a shorter time.
Indicating that the holiday holidays themselves are very influential 17 annual taxi driver Izzet Evren, kendilerini No customer. Can the customer wait here? According to the traffic between Taksim-Mecidiyeköy 10-15 minutes were coming. Now we come in 2-3 minutes. There is no customer. We are lying on the roadside in the absence of the customer. Good for the taxi driver. Do not smoke if not fire? Ateş he said.
Osman Yilmaz Uzunçayır'dan, stating that the Zincirlikuyu'a Zincir According to yesterday is empty now. Istanbul is becoming more beautiful when empty. 10-15 minutes earlier than I came X.
Retired teacher Ercan Uymak said: rahat I have come to sit more comfortable with the Metrobus. I came to Okmeydanı from Anadolu Hisarı. Now I'm going to the Anatolian Fortress again. No traffic on the roads. We're watching him on the speed limit. We're very comfortable. It's always good for Istanbul. Istanbul is empty because it is a holiday season.
Taksim-Mecidiyeköy, one of the busiest routes in Istanbul, was able to reveal the comfort of the traffic even in front of the traffic light signal devices.

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