Extension of tram stops in Gaziantep continues

In Gaziantep, the works to extend the tram stops are continuing: In order to run the trams in series, the works to extend the stops for the second tram of the existing stations continue.
Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality connects two tramways to meet increasing passenger demands, increase capacity and provide better service to passengers. In order to be able to run the trolleys in an array, the existing stations continue their work to extend the stops to provide the boarding of the second tram.
In the first place GAÜN m Akkent line (Karataş) which makes the extension of the Metropolitan Municipality, in other stages Mavikent et Rasafyolu, Kadıdeğirmeni, Gazimuhtarpaşa and the city center is doing the extension.
After the school holidays, completion of the exams and the end of the month of Ramadan, the stations located between GAR itim GAÜN are being erected in accordance with the second vehicle.
In terms of work safety of trams and passengers, 8 reminded that, since July 2016, the tram service of GAR-GAÜN has been temporarily unable to provide service.
The authorities said that after the 10 August 2016 date, the construction of the station in the area up to Kadi Mill Station was completed and the trams between the Mavikent kadar Rasafyolu will start working. Officials said that the construction of stall extension will gradually continue towards the city center and all tram stops including Gazi Muhtarpaşa station will be completed with the opening of the schools.



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