Famous Painter's Son Dies in Train Crash

Famous Painters Son Killed in Train Accident: Turkey's famous paintings, "The Best Painter of migration known as' the son of Mehmet Cem Alagöz Alagöz lost his life spent as a result of traffic accidents in Germany.
Cem Alagöz (37), the son of Mehmet Alagöz, known as the Best Painter of Migration, died in a traffic accident in Germany.
Cem Alagöz, the son of the famous painter Mehmet Alagöz from Bol, who is known as one of the important witnesses of labor migration and who has experienced the migration phenomenon closely in Germany, died last week as a result of the train crash while trying to cross the forbidden area in Niedersachsen, Germany.
Cem Alagöz, whose funeral was brought to Bolu, was buried in the Martyrs' Cemetery after the lunch and funeral prayers in the Alpagut Mahallesi mosque in Bolu.

Günceleme: 11/12/2018 16:59

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