Racist attack on a tram in the UK (Video)

Racist attack on a tram in England: Three people attacked a black American on a tram in Manchester city. Three Brits who wanted the American to get off the tram and said to 'go back to Africa' were detained by the police. In footage recorded inside the trampoline, three Brits told a black citizen, "Go back to Africa." He seems to be cursing 'min immigrant you'.
The American citizen, who later appears to live in England, asks the attackers for their age. The attackers gradually raise their voices about the immigrant citizen getting off the tram and throw beer on the immigrant.
Manchester police also made a statement about the incident, saying it was a 'hate crime'. He announced that three people had been detained.
While the decision to leave the UK, especially from the EU referendum campaign carried out with the Brexit on Turkey and fear of immigrants around the country, according to national data protection racist attacks and hate crimes it has increased at a rate of 57 percent.



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