Developed high-speed train project for students

He developed a high-speed train project for his students: KTÜ Abdullah Kanca Vocational School lecturer Ömür Akyazı prepared a “High Speed ​​Train Project” on a platform of approximately 2 meters that students set up in a laboratory environment in order to draw attention to the problem they encountered in reaching the school on the beach in Sürmene. “We said 'why there is no rail transport in our region' and we wanted to show the authorities that it could happen. We have presented an approach to the solution of the transportation problem ”
Ömür Akyazı, a faculty member of Karadeniz Technical University (KTÜ) Abdullah Kanca Vocational School, has developed a “High Speed ​​Train Project” in order to draw attention to the problems that students encounter and to offer solutions to the school located in the coast of Sürmene district of Trabzon.
Head of Department of Electricity and Energy Omur Akyazi, said in a statement, students, vocational schools located in the coastal part of the district, from time to time due to reasons such as the number of dolmus in the shortage of transportation, he said.
Akyazı stated that the students conveyed the problems to this issue and tried to find a solution, “Some of our students said that they had to hitchhike from time to time to solve the transportation problem. While I was preparing the project, this problem came to my mind and I decided to prepare a high speed train project. ” said.
Akyazı stated that with the students involved in the project, they set up a "high-speed train" prototype in a 2-meter platform in the laboratory environment, and they designed a linear motor that moves 24 horizontally on the horizontal axis by cutting the asynchronous motor, opening XNUMX cavities and hand-winding.
Akyazı stated that they installed special rails they bought from abroad on the platform where they placed aluminum material on the floor and then they positioned the 1,5 kilowatt engine on the rails.
Akyazı emphasized that they were able to control the engine with two sensors that enable it to detect the instructions given, such as changing the position, and said that they could change the speed of the train as desired with the help of sensors.
- “We think that a railway line can be established in our region”
Pointing out that there is no railway, and therefore no train in the Black Sea Region, Akyazı said, “We think that a railway line can be established in our region. Transportation problem is solved in the region and it contributes greatly to our country. We are dependent on foreign gas and oil. As the current conjuncture is suitable for this, we think that the railroad can make a great contribution. ” found the assessment.
Akyazı added that they set out to give an idea to someone at the point of producing solutions to the transportation problem and added, “Why do we not have 'rail transportation in our region?' We said and wanted to show the authorities that it could happen. We have presented an approach to the solution of the transportation problem. The lack of trains in the Black Sea Region affected the people of the region. For this reason, we have received very good feedback from those who are aware of our project. There is a large segment that wants to be reached by train. ” he spoke.
Akyazı stated that they aimed to be a guide with the project they prepared, and that there was no distance problem in the implementation of the project.
Akyazı shared the information that the system draws a lot of current in take-off and direction change, but that the current has dropped after receiving its speed, “We wanted to show it as an example. It can be determined which type of application can be made according to the slope of the land. This system can be easily used in places where the slope is low between Trabzon and Rize. ” used expressions.
Akyazı who emphasized the participation of the students at the training point, said that the study is part of their efforts to endear the profession to the students.

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