MP Çankırı Presents Minister Arslan's Report on Transportation Issues in Mardin

MP Çankırı presented a report to Mardin on Transportation Problems to Minister Arslan: AK Party Deputy of Mardin Ceyda Bölünmez Çankırı visited Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan in his office.
AK Party Mardin Deputy Ceyda Bölünmez Çankırı Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications visited Ahmet Arslan in his office. With its historical and cultural structure, urban fabric and geopolitical location, Çankırı has presented its detailed report on the work and demands of the city in the short and long term regarding the transportation problems of the city in order to become a center of attraction.
In an intimate setting said Minister Arslan's visit, the deputy Çankırı explaining that should benefit to the maximum extent of Mardin, the level of development in Turkey, bringing to Mardin Speed ​​Rail Project, to accelerate the Ring Road project, arrangements should be made in increasing the number of flights to and highways also presented prepared report.
Mardin's historical position on the Silk Road due to its strategic location on the intercity traffic between the city, the traffic flow in the city adversely affects the deputy MP Cankiri, Artuqid, Kiziltepe, Nusaybin and Midyat districts within the city to relieve the transportation to the point of the construction of the ring road construction work It made the emphasis that it should be completed beforehand.
Deputy Çankırı said: Şanlı Considering the density of the vehicles coming from the Diyarbakır and Şanlıurfa road lines in the west direction and the density of the vehicles coming from Şırnak, Habur International Silk Road and Batman road line in the east, the roads in the city center are inadequate in terms of this vehicle traffic. The traffic congestions that are brought about by each passing day disrupt the provision of city transportation in the city center and cause serious time losses and have a negative impact on daily life.
In order to eliminate these problems, the construction of the South and North ring roads of Mardin is essential in order to ensure the connection of the vehicle traffic from the west and east lines without entering the city. Batman-Midyat-Şırnak-Diyarbakır road lines will be connected to the Mardin South Ring Road without entering the city center. By means of the Northern Ring, the vehicle traffic in the east, Sanliurfa and Diyarbakir direction will be provided by the Habur-Ipekyolu international car traffic in the west, by the connection of the vehicle traffic in the direction of Sirnak, Hakkari and Batman, and the traffic in the city center will be provided by the Passengers.
During his visit in Midyat, Yesilli and Kiziltepe districts, which often cause accidents and losses of life and pedestrian traffic and traffic flow negatively affecting the negligence of the overpass and sinking-out junction underlined that the studies can be minimized deputy Çankırı, also supported with the visuals prepared in this study also reported the data to Minister Arslan.
Deputy Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan Mardin also spoke about the passenger circulation in the airport, the deputy Çankırı, the number of air passengers in the high demand of the citizens who want to travel by air, especially in the Mardin-Ankara line, especially in this flight expressed the demands for increasing the number.
Çankırı, who told the Minister Arslan that the passenger transportation is carried out mainly by road and airways in the region, also mentioned the Nusaybin-Habur High Speed ​​Railway Project and mentioned that the completion of the project is of great importance for the people of the region.
MP Çankırı used the following statements: ayrı Nusaybin-Habur High Speed ​​Railway Project, which has a length of 133 kilometers within the borders of our province in Mardin, has a special importance in terms of both passenger transportation and freight transportation. In our region, passenger transportation is mainly carried out by road and air freight transportation. By completing the Nusaybin-Habur high-speed train project and integrating it with the ongoing Mardin logistics center, a significant portion of the density collected in the road and air transport will be transferred to the railway. The completion of this project is of great importance for Mardin as an important logistics center for national and international transportation routes. Accelerating the construction of the project and gaining momentum to the region will make significant contributions to the region's economy, logistics sector and tourism. Pro
Mardin 's reports prepared on the problems of the Minister Arslan and invited him to Mardin MP MP Çankırı, Mardin'in attraction center at the point of transportation, Maritime and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan and all the ministerial staff working under the auspices of Mardin for their services He thanked.

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