Bursa Teleferik Ready For Feast

Bursa Teleferik Ready for Feast: Bursa Teleferik, one of the most beautiful cultural symbols of Bursa, was prepared for the visitors of the festival after the completion of their annual care. Bursa Teleferik, 5 from July to summer application will start from 08.00-22.00.

With the warm weather of the last years, Uludağ became the alternative place for those who want to enjoy the festive joy in cool and spacious weather.

Bursa Teleferik, which has been renewed and providing a comfortable transportation with its modern face, was a pleasant transportation vehicle for crowded families. In the Uludağ climate, which is below the normal 4-5 level, the Bursali who want to celebrate the holiday and enjoy the holiday, can reach the peak with 22 in minutes.

Bursa Teleferik successfully completed maintenance because of high demand. The cable car under the management of Bursa Teleferik Inc. has a modern look. The 8 is also suitable for transporting new ropeways, ski suits or bicycles, which allow for sitting in the cabin. The newly completed Kurbaga Rock Station offers services such as grocery, café and restaurant.

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