Bayrampaşa Metro Station Sank

Bayrampaşa metro station sank: a very effective place because of torrential rain in the morning in Istanbul, Turkey's metropolitan city was flooded, e-5 for road and almost turned into a major river in the streets minutes. Whatsapp line the words of a citizen who sent a picture of Bayrampaşa subway told the fate of the event.

In the morning, Istanbul suddenly flooded highways, houses and workplaces due to heavy rain. Citizens were trapped where they caught the rain. At that time, a citizen of the Bayrampasa subway mobile phone recorded the images recorded by the magnitude of the incident told. Citizen criticizing the infrastructure works of the municipality, “Anam, anam, anam, anam, anam” ”says the concern.


Merter Metro entrance is flooded. Metro employees evacuated the entrance of the subway. After the water was evacuated, the subway entrance was cleaned and reused.
Passengers waiting at the entrance of the metro, entered the metro after cleaning.

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