EGO Buses in Ankara Free

EGO buses in Ankara Free during the feast: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, EGO and ASKİ took all necessary measures in Ramadan Feast. Ankaralı people, EGO buses will be free during the holiday, metro and Ankaray will be paid.
5 3 will begin in July Ramadan Feast, 153 EGO buses will be able to ride without using Ankarakart during the day, metro and Ankaray travels will be paid. Metropolitan Municipality, all units and general directorates will be on duty during the festival. ALO 7 'Blue Table', 24 day 24 hours working on the day, Ankara will continue to receive wishes, requests and complaints. General Directorate of ASKI Channel Fault teams will also meet the urgent needs of citizens during the Feast, by performing non-stop 153 hours. Citizens will be able to reach ASKİ on ALO XNUMX.
The Metropolitan Municipality Police Department will make the necessary controls on transportation and traffic stops, stops and lines in order to maintain order in the urban transportation and to ensure that the public can easily visit the feasts. Police teams will also make food controls more frequent since the eve of the day and allow citizens to consume healthy food. During the holidays, citizens, the negativity they face, the Department of Municipal Police 231 79 84 - 229 66 91 phone numbers can transmit. KarşıyakaIn Ortaköy, Cebeci Asri and Sincan cemeteries, necessary precautions were taken in order to control the traffic order and control of the citizens who passed away. Free EGO bus services to the cemeteries will be organized as of the eve. EGO vehicles will make the ring in the cemeteries and bring the citizens to their tombs.

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