AK Party Provincial Chairman responded to the tram polemic

AK Party Provincial Chairman responded to the tram polemic: A statement was made by CHP Mayor Yılmaz Büyükerşen, whom Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım criticized for the use of domestic tram during his visit to Eskişehir. After these statements of the Mayor, Dündar Ünlü, the Ak Party Eskişehir Provincial Chairman, said, “You will not protect Eskişehir industry, but you will wait for Konya to claim it. Where is the logic in that? " said.
Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım made a speech in Eskişehir, where he came on 3 July for the mass opening and iftar program. In the speech, Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Prof. Dr. Prime Minister Yıldırım, who also criticized Yılmaz Büyükerşen, said, “TULOMSAŞ, which is about to close down, today exports new generation locomotives to Europe and America to many parts of the world. He makes the most beautiful wagons. In TÜLOMSAŞ 2018, we will be the first company to make domestic and national high-speed trains and achieve a success. TÜLOMSAŞ continues to be the ring of Eskişehir. While TÜLOMSAŞ in Eskişehir does these, the Mayor of Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality continues to buy train sets from foreigners. He gives the money to strangers. I want Eskişehir people to know this too, ”he said.
"Metropolitan Municipality did not fulfill its commitment after the fund was released"
Following this speech of Prime Minister Yıldırım, a response came from President Büyükerşen. Mayor Büyükerşen announced that TÜLOMSAŞ could also bid for tram tenders and the trams in Konya were also purchased from the Czech Republic. The answer to these statements came from Dündar Ünlü, the AK Party Eskişehir Provincial Chairman. Speaking by explaining the tram construction process in Eskişehir, Mayor Ünlü said, “The tram construction process in Eskişehir has been followed in good faith by the government representatives from the very beginning and efforts have been made to provide the necessary contributions. When the Metropolitan Municipality established a technical commission for the tram and informed the General Directorate of DLH (Railways, Ports and Airports) that it was planning a tram of one thousand millimeters, correction of this line, which did not meet world standards, with a thousand 435 millimeters, and the disadvantage of a thousand millimeter span in many issues, including warfare strategies. It has been put forward in the correspondence. However, with the intervention of Binali Yıldırım, the minister of transport at the time, Mr. Binali Yıldırım and his surety, his project could find an allowance under these conditions. However, even if the tender was awarded to a foreign company, joint work with TÜLOMSAŞ in our city at certain rates, the establishment of maintenance workshops and the inclusion of Eskişehir's industrialist in this production were undertaken with the signature of the Metropolitan at that time. However, after the appropriation was released, the Metropolitan Municipality did not fulfill its commitment against state practices and did not stand behind its signature. In other words, the tram is a project that was implemented with the special efforts of our Prime Minister during the period of the Ministry of Transport. Eskişehir is a city open to development, with two major universities and an industry that has proven itself. Shouldn't an investment in our city contribute to our city and people first? We are behind Eskişehir industry, Eskişehir industrialist. This city does the best. We want this city to work, this city to win. Considering the current calculations, Eskişehir industry, including Tülomsaş, is in a position to realize nearly 70 percent of this project. We say it should maintain, supply, and do a certain percentage. 70 percent of the money given abroad can stay in our city. "In previous tram tenders, the same type of air conditioner devices were purchased at much more expensive prices than the current suggested and it was understood that they were made wrong when they were insufficient.
"Where will you go by despising the local industrialist?"
Stating that there is no domestic partner and domestic production requirement in the new tram capacity increase tender, Mayor Ünlü stated that the domestic industrialists are underestimated. Dündar Ünlü, the head of the Ak Party Eskişehir Province, stated that the hearts will not be willing to turn Eskişehir into a city that cannot build a tram. “Now, a new tram capacity increase tender will be held. We, as representatives of the government, who think about our city and have national and local sensitivities, again warn them. Where will you go by belittling the investments in our city, the state companies that belong to our city and the local industrialists, or even not giving a chance? Stop humiliating the city's industry just to avoid giving jobs to the city. In the new tender, despite all insistence, domestic joint and domestic production conditions were not set, and in the showcase improvement, conditions without good intentions were put forward so that other conditions prevented. This specification, which is prepared for delivery to the address, devalues ​​its city. While we strive to represent our city with promotions such as the center of the rail systems, the railway city, we are not willing to make it a city that cannot make its tram itself. Today, URAYSİM, which is fed with the only, serious investments in its region, clearly shows our view on rail systems ”.
"Can't you give an answer of your own?"
Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, Eskisehir, Turkey's domestic industrialists warned that the introduction of the warnings of President Celebrity, continued his speech as follows:
“Our Prime Minister came to our city on 3 July. And he warned by stating that the domestic industrialists were not engaged in the production of the tram. He stated that the sources of the city went abroad instead of staying in the city. How did the Metropolitan Municipality or CHP answer this? They made comments such as 'Does Tülomsaş build a tram?', 'Let Konya give Tülomsaş a job to the industrialist from Eskişehir'. You will not protect Eskişehir industry, but you will wait for Konya to claim it. Where is the logic in this? First of all, you will protect the industrialists of this city, so that it will be an example for other cities. They also advertised in the newspapers. They tried to refer to the article of a writer who wrote unscrupulous articles and made indecent appeals to the nation. They circulated for an answer. What this author says to the nation with a canister head, the lightest of them is also heavier descriptions. Those who voted for the AK Party have drum heads, according to the author they refer to. Do you answer by referring to the author who makes 44 percent of Eskişehir as a canister head as reference? Can't you give an answer of your own? Is this how you will be from Eskişehir? When you say that the money allocated for investment should stay in Eskişehir and Eskişehir industry should benefit from this, this is your answer. This understanding has always existed in the CHP since the time of the National Chief. They think the people are ignorant. According to them, if the public could be educated, they would all vote for the CHP. Those who do not vote are also uneducated. We ask clear questions and give concrete examples at every meeting. Again I am asking a concrete question. A tender of 30 million euros will be made. Eskişehir industry will not be able to take place anywhere in the tender delivered to this address. What is your hostility to Eskişehir industry and industrialists? The three main institutions that Eskişehir's people work with are TÜLOMSAŞ, Şeker and Tayyare factory. A family member of everyone from Eskişehir is retired from these factories. Shouldn't we take care of our city and local production? Here, the Chamber of Industry and Chamber of Commerce also has a serious responsibility. It is not the time to act for fear of conflict with the municipalities. It is time to raise problems out loud. Will you support domestic production? Answer this, by word of mouth, you cannot be from Eskişehir. Do a concrete job and respond to the citizen. Will you support the local industrialist or not? "

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