Osmangazi Bridge has caught the fly when paid

When Osmangazi Bridge was paid, he caught a fly: the toll passes began on Osmangazi Bridge. Feast of the bridge free while the hünç hince was full of charges began to move in the morning hours of the bridge, so the fly hunted.
Since the opening day, free tolls from Osmangazi Bridge began. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Prime Minister Binali Yildirim by the 1 Osmangazi Bridge inaugurated in July, started as a toll.
1 00.00 06.00 at the time of the opening of the vehicle this morning until the 965 XNUMX'a XNUMX thousand vehicles from the bridge made the transition.

As of 07.00 this morning, drivers started to pay the cost of both the bridge fee and the motorway they used between Altınova and Gemlik.

The first class vehicles passing the Osmangazi Bridge are 88.75 TL, the second class vehicles 141.95 TL, the third class vehicles 168.60 TL, the fourth class vehicles 223.60 TL, the fifth class vehicles 282.15 TL, and the sixth class vehicles 62.10 TL.
Osmangazi Bridge over the fees of some of the drivers preferred the ferry crossing. Between the Gebze Eskihisar and Yalova Topçular, the 10 ferry continued to make a cross-trip. During the holiday holidays, which were observed to be empty ferries flocked to the return of holiday citizens.

When the Osmangazi Bridge was opened, the bridge over the bridge did not use the bridge.
1 class vehicles (Axle range 3.20 with small 2 axle vehicle) Osmangazi Bridge 88.75 TL (CAR)
2 class vehicles (Axle range 3.20 equal and large 2 axle vehicle) 141.95 TL
3 class vehicles (vehicle with 3 with total number of axles in the ground or 3 touching the ground with the vehicle he towed) 168.60 TL4 class vehicles (Total number of axles with a ground number 4 or 5 or with the vehicle towed Number of vehicles with 4 or 5) 223.60 TL
5 vehicles (6, 7, 8 and more)
6 class vehicles (motorcycles) 62.10 TL

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