Dogs Metrobüse What Happened Per Ride

What Happened When He Got On The Metrobus With His Dog: The incident took place at the IMM metrobus stop in Avcılar district of Istanbul. The transportation vehicle got on the metrobus with a female dog named Sema Bağbak.
Sema Bağbak “My dog ​​and I have been trying to come to ourselves for days… I will never forget what happened. " said. In the images reflected on the security cameras, it is seen that Sema Bağbak was beaten by attackers, including IMM security officers, and then passed out. It is also a shame that the attackers are IMM officers.
We are getting on the metrobus collectively with animals against the attacks on Facebook about this incident! There is no great interest in the page for now, but it is predicted that it will. Animal lovers can run to the page as soon as they throw their holiday complacency.
Bağbak continued his words as follows….
They kicked my dog ​​down, and find justice.
It was as if the hell itself I lived that day. That day, I tried to get on the metrobus with my dog ​​Fındık from Avcılar central station. This is perfectly normal. But the security man told me I can't get on, but there is no legal basis for it. When I immediately showed the explanation on the ​​website, he told me that his supervisor did not allow it and therefore he would not take it. I went towards the metrobus and got on. And then they multiplied and became 3 people and tried to bring me down with the words "Leaning from the car." They started to insult me. Suddenly, the people got on me. I could not understand what was happening. They kicked my dog ​​down. I ran after my dog, the animal was trembling, took it on my lap and started running out. There were the turnstiles, they started hitting me by holding my arm and then 3 people started hitting me. I fell and fainted. Then my mother came and tried to awaken me. My mother has epilepsy, so glad nothing happened to her there. My dog ​​and I have been trying to recover for days. With your help, justice will be served. "

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