Deli Dumrul Story With Osmangazi Bridge Becomes Real

The story of Osmangazi Bridge and Deli Dumrul became a reality: Minister of Transport Ahmet Arslan said that the toll on Osmangazi Bridge, which has been discussed for several days, is Bakanı You will pay even if you pass. Os
Minister of Transport Arslan, even if the citizens do not use the bridge, given the guarantee for the transition of a given day 40 thousand vehicles, the bridge will be paid the passage money said.
The toll of the Turkish-Japanese bridge
Today, the 25 dollar (88.75 TL) toll and the 40 dollar between the 15 dollar and the 40 dollar difference will be paid to the state firm. Even if the number of vehicles per day is less than 40 thousand, the state will give XNUMX to the state company per vehicle missing.
According to the provisions of the Gebze-Izmir highway, which includes the Osman Gazi Bridge; not only the passing vehicles, but the difference in the wages of passing vehicles has been accepted as a public obligation. 35 $ 2008 in the contract is based on the guarantee of the year XNUMX.

Günceleme: 11/12/2018 16:45

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