Domestic solution to railway safety

Local solution for railway safety: Turkish engineers have patented their inventions by developing a new system that detects fractures and cracks on the rail remotely, through vibration. The system, which is planned to be developed in cooperation with ASELSAN, attracted attention from India, Australia and Japan.
Rail systems in the world are becoming more and more important every day because they are fast, economical, environmentally friendly, safe and modern systems. kazanhe's eating. The importance of rail systems stems from providing high-security public transportation. The continuation of this feature depends on ensuring line safety with regular maintenance. Deformation measurements, detection of breaks and cracks on the rail take an important place among the maintenance.
Currently, the most widely known and used rail fracture detection method in the world, the rail on the rail is working with the principle of electrical continuity. However, because the rail is also used as a return current line, this method can cause serious perceptual errors.
In addition, other methods, including the control of the road control staff with the help of visual or basic hand measurement tools, provide safe results, difficulty in use, or high cost.
Enekom, which continues its R&D studies in METU Technopolis, has developed a "System to Detect Rail Break and Crack with Remote Reflection Method" in order to meet the need in this field and to produce a local solution.
The system operates on the principle that the vibration generated at a certain frequency on the rail is detected from the 2 point, one away from the other.
In the fully electromechanical system on the rail, this vibration signal is read from the other point simultaneously after the vibration is injected into the rail. The difference between the vibration signal levels carried by a solid rail or a broken rail at a certain level between the two points and reflected from the wrong area is detected and processed by the sensitive sensing electronics of the system and the result is transferred to the control center via the fiber optic communication line.
On every 2 kilometer, it is possible to perform remote measurement at the desired time intervals on the line equipped with vibration application and sensing modules.
On the Ankara-Konya High Speed ​​Train Line, the first level system performance tests have been completed successfully. In the original system, it can be safely detected whether the rails are broken or cracked and this information is sent to the control center via a fiber-optic based communication system.


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