Italy train crash 25 dead and dozens injured

In Italy, at least 10 dead and dozens wounded in the train crash: two commuter trains collided head to head in Italy yesterday at noon. 25 people lost their lives in the accident, which is thought to be human error.
In the southern Italian town of Puglia, two 25 persons were reportedly killed as a result of a head-on collision between two suburban trains yesterday. According to preliminary findings, the 25 lost its lives and dozens of people were injured in the accident that occurred in the single-line regional train line between the cities of Andria and Corato, north of the city of Bari. As a result of the collision, the train cars of the trains derailed. Following the accident, many ambulances and fire brigades were sent to the area, while people were trapped inside the train.
Didn't wait for the light
Although the official explanation of the accident is not made, it is claimed to be caused by human error. According to reports in the Italian press, one of the trains on the single-track railway before the green light is expected to pass without waiting. The Italian Ministry of Transport said in a statement that two inspectors were sent to the crash site. In the images taken after the accident, three of the four wagons on the trains were found to be fragmented. This is considered as proof that at least one of the trains is driving at a high speed.



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