Avcı: Eskişehir will become one of the world's most important YHT production centers

TÜLOMSAŞ General Manager Hayri Avcı announced that Eskişehir will become one of the important High Speed ​​Train (YHT) production centers of the world.
In the statement he made at TÜLOMSAŞ meeting room, Avcı gave information about the projects that Tülomsaş produced and implemented. Stating that they are passionate about this job, Avcı said, “Eskişehir will become one of the important YHT production centers of the world. One YHT set is approximately 34 million Euros. If YHT Sets are produced in TÜLOMSAŞ once a month, it will provide an added value of 53 million Euros (18 million TL) per month with 58 percent domestic rate. Great contributions will be made economically in Eskişehir with its high technology products. New departments may be required at universities. Initially, there will be new employment opportunities for at least a thousand people with the sub-industries. The region will be reshaped with high technology. With the project, new jobs will be created. ”
Stating that the most suitable project of TÜLOMSAŞ that will connect itself to the future is determined as High Speed ​​Train, General Manager Hayri Avcı said, “We are working intensively on becoming Eskişehir and our region's Rail System Vehicles Production Center. As a result of our efforts with the acquisition of High Speed ​​Train technology, TÜLOMSAŞ will become a global brand in the Rail Systems Sector. ”

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