Here is the 3 annual story of Osmangazi Bridge (Video)

Here is the 3 annual story of Osmangazi Bridge: From the beginning to the end of the construction of the Osmangazi Bridge, the most important part of the Istanbul-Izmir Motorway, the viewers are fascinated.
Osmangazi Bridge, which connects Dilovası district of Kocaeli to Altınova district of Yalova and which constitutes the most important part of the highway that will download 3.5 between İstanbul and İzmir, was opened to traffic. The gulf of the Gulf was blown away, while the citizens flocked to the bridge to be used free of charge until the end of the holiday.
The accelerated video of the Osmangazi Bridge, which was started a year before the 3, fascinates the audience. The 3 video shows all the steps taken during the year, revealing the size of the project. The video first starts with the construction of caissons near the sea. The caissons in a dry area are then filled with water. Then, with the help of two separate ships, the caissons are immersed in the sea by bringing them to the areas where they will be mounted. In the video, the installation of the tables is also instantaneous.

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