Kabataş 20 Thousand Signatures for the Martı Project

Kabataş 20 Thousand Signatures for the Martı Project: By IMM "Kabataş Announced that the transfer center project, known as the “Seagull Project”, is planned to be closed on July 28, but will remain open for another week, citing democracy rallies. Kabataş Citizens made a press release on their piers. The citizens, who reacted against the imposition of the project without the opinion of the public, invited the authorities to find a rational solution. During the hours of the announcement, a statement came from the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. The IMM claimed that the project information and images used in the campaign conducted by the citizens were unfounded, and used the expressions of “not being respected to those who pursue provocation” regarding the campaign signed by more than 20 thousand citizens.
Wednesday, July 27 Kabataş In the statement made on the pier, the following statements were made: “The signatures we collected face-to-face at this table were 20 thousand, we passed them to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) last Friday. Numerous signatures were also collected over the internet. Islands people, Setüstü people, Kabataş people, people of Istanbul Kabataşdoes not want a project to turn concrete into a concrete desert. We invite IMM to respect our requests, which we present with 20 thousand signatures. ”
Lad IMM announced the postponement of 1 week for closing the pier. We congratulate them and see that they are on their way. In this heat of summer, in this chaotic environment of the country, don't drown the city into the chaos of traffic. Gelin
“You have shown how free transportation is to Istanbul residents for about two weeks, KabataşDo not create a transportation crisis, turn it into a concrete desert. In your statement today, you said that the images we have do not reflect the truth. We got these images from İBB's site, the project of Hakan Kıran, the architect you agreed with. If you have another project, share it with the transparency, the protection boards, the public and until then, KabataşDon't put it in your mouth. ”
Signing the press statement with the signature of CHP Istanbul deputy Selina Ozuzun Dogan, talked about the project. Doğan underlined that the planned project should not be considered as independent from the projects such as Haydarpaşa, Galataport, Kanal İstanbul and he tried to improve by filling the green areas of Istanbul with the sea and concrete. Expressing that it will support rational projects that will ease human traffic and vehicle traffic, Doğan said, ece But these projects are coming to us as a rent project every time. It is not possible to paralyze it for three years, but also with the common mind, by taking the ideas of people, by giving less harm to nature and making it suitable for the historical texture. On the one hand, each night while squatters of democracy are kept in democracy, Üst he said.



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