15 July hit the transportation sector

15 July has also hit the transport sector: FETÖ's 15 July coup attempt 9 has also hit the transport sector, which is driven by the daily Ramadan holiday. After the government's decision, many public employees are negotiating with travel companies to cancel and return their tickets as their permissions are canceled. Underlining that each 3 ticket is canceled 1'in Biletall General Manager Yaşar Çelik, "Private company employees in this way the demand for cancellation and return rates raised 35 percent," he said.
Turkey on Friday, July 15, lived in one of the most difficult days in the history of the Republic. The coup attempt by FETÖ / PDY did not reach its goal, but the tourism sector, especially the transportation sector, was affected by this situation. When the holidays are canceled, those who are on holiday change their tickets unpunished, and employees who make a holiday plan apply to companies to cancel the tickets they receive. The situation in private company employees and foreign tourists is no different. Particularly Britain, America and neighboring countries has suspended the tourist trips to Turkey from many countries, including Iran.
Domestic tourism travels down by more than 50 percent
Yaşar Çelik, the CEO of Biletall.com, who sells bus and air tickets online, said, ası The failure of the coup attempt was an important development for our country. As Biletall family, we are always in favor of the Republic and Democracy against the coups. We owe thanks to our people, thanks to their will, we can continue our lives today. "said. Çelik made striking statements about the stagnation in the transportation sector after the coup attempt; Uz We receive a great deal of extradition requests from public and private sector employees and civilians. Returns ranging from percent 5 to 10 in normal time have suddenly increased to percent 35. We cancel the tickets of public employees who share their personnel documents. We see that the coup attempt caused more than 50 decrease in domestic tourism travels and caused serious damage to the sector. The number of tourists coming to our country is decreasing by about 70 percent. Some European countries and airline companies canceled their flights from Iran to Turkey. "He said.



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