Electricians Drowned in Electric Current

Worker Caught by Electric Current in YHT Construction Dies: 22-year-old Mahmut Çekiç, Working in the High Speed ​​Train (yht) Construction in Sivas, Yıldızeli District, Lost His Life as a Result of Electric Shock.
22 young people working in the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) construction in Yıldızeli district of Sivas died as a result of electric shock.
The incident occurred yesterday at the 14.00 ranks of YUK construction site near Yavu village of Yildizeli. Samsun, Sivas to work in the construction of YHT coming from the 22-year-old Mahmut Çekiç, in front of the tunnel under construction with a high-pressure car wash machine to do cleaning, the same work on the construction of the device's friends plugged the power cord as a result of plugging the cable. 112 health teams, who were reported to the scene by other workers, stated that Çekiç was killed. After the examination, the young worker's inanimate body Yıldızalan State Hospital morgue was removed. After the first examination, Çekiç's funeral was sent to the morgue of Cumhuriyet University Medical Faculty Research and Application Hospital for an autopsy. After the autopsy, Çekiç's funeral went to his hometown of Samsun's Çarşamba district.
It was learned that the young worker was single and started working at YHT construction to support his family.

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