Kocamaz, We want to make a rail system tender until the end of the year

Kocamaz, Rail System Tender by the end of the year we want to exit: Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Burhanettin Kocamaz, Transport Master Plans were accepted by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, "However, the rail system department will be discussed in the ministry. We offer alternative projects there, and if the Ministry considers which of these projects is appropriate, we would like to prepare detailed projects and take the tender for the rail system until the new year. ”
President Kocamaz, iftarda met with members of the press. Kocamaz, in his speech in the program, wished that the month of Ramadan will bring good luck to the whole Islamic world. Emphasizing that there are troubles all over the world, Kocamaz said, her Every part of our country looks for days of old friendship. Especially our producer brothers and farmers are very troubled due to the lack of exports due to the events this year. May Allah help them first..
Mersin is the common denominator of everyone who noted that Kocamaz, together they share the city's sadness and happiness, he said. Emphasizing that he is honored and happy to live in Mersin, Kocamaz said, ik We have finished the 28 month. In the 28 monthly period, when we look at Mersin in general, we see that we have done works that cannot be underestimated. Of course, the first 1 year was spent with the restructuring of the new Metropolitan Law. 28 thousand 14 kilometers across Mersin have village road. Thank God we have already completed the 15 thousand 5 kilometers. By the end of this year, we will have paved all of these roads. Of course the shortage of time is narrow. Particularly in high areas, asphalting works came to the cold period of the air, we saw disruptions and failures in some regions. Unfortunately, there is no case for the failures caused by the contractor. The contractor insists that we forced the citizen. We will have them all done again at no additional cost to the contractors. Hopefully, until the end of this year, no way, without water will not have any settlements. ”
Underlining that they set out to make the city of Mersin brand Kocamaz, with all the beauties of Mersin, all the objects planned to make a tourism region, he said. Kocamaz pointed out that there are some problems in this way, he continued; “Today we couldn't start any of our 8 tourism regions. We are working hard. On Thursday, friends will attend a major meeting at the ministry on this tourist area. Hopefully, good results will be taken from there and tourism investments for eliminating unemployment, the first problem of Mersin, will start in our region as soon as possible. Mersin is developing more and more with each passing day and is embellished with new investments. As Metropolitan Municipality, we have a very widespread service network throughout Mersin. Road works are in progress. We go by solving individual problems to avoid locking the traffic completely. In our latest Transportation Master Plan we have only sunk 12 on Okan Merzeci Boulevard. This is the reason why the 12 grain as the transit route of Mersin was deemed appropriate. However, with other things to be done in the center of Mersin, there are 22 such junction arrangements. ”
Kocamaz stated that they made all kinds of preparations for the rail system and said, dik We also held our last meeting. Our Transportation Master Plan has been accepted by the ministry, but this railroad division will only be discussed at the ministry. We offer alternative projects there. If the Ministry considers which of these projects is appropriate, we would like to prepare the detailed project immediately and tend out until the New Year. Maybe we can't finish it all by the end of the semester. Our goal in Mersin history, maybe 100 year service, or even more services that do not want to make mistakes in such a public transportation network. Because there's no going back. We wish it to be the best here. ”
Kocamaz said that municipalism is a difficult and plague duty. He said: yok You have no chance to please all people. In the future I believe that our beaches will become a very important attraction if they don't slow down our speed. We are fighting very big. In the coming days it will be Turkey's brand coast beaches. If we can complete the treatment plants, we will also capture the blue flag target from end to end. Our mission is to serve Mersin together. Unfortunately, the negative attitudes from the past while doing this service are tried to be maintained by some segments. We will do whatever is in the interest of this people. While performing these, we will struggle with them until the end. Because we're trustees. We see that our people's appreciation is increasing and their support is increasing in the researches we have made on this subject. I think we're on the right track. Of course we have shortcomings, but we don't have a magic wand. We only have determination, we have determination, we have promises and we love Mersin very much. Other than that, he can get in obstacles. The 2 grain is true but parallel. Therefore, we will continue this struggle to the benefit of our people until the end. ”

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