Plane and High Speed ​​Ticket Prices

tcdd transportation
tcdd transportation

Plane and high-speed train ticket prices should be lowered: TESK Chairman Palandöken stated that air travel and high-speed train tickets should be reduced in order to support domestic tourism.

Turkey Tradesmen and Artisans Confederation (TESK) Chairman Bendevi Palandöken, Turkey and noting the need to support domestic tourism in order to overcome the effects of the crisis between Russia, "when what needs to be done first to do this is to go on sale in without aircraft and high-speed train fares lost," he said.


Palandöken, in his statement, the tourism sector experienced the crisis between Turkey and Russia was adversely affected.

Emphasizing that the sector should be supported urgently in order to reduce the impact in question, Palandöken said, “The first thing to do for this is to reduce the plane and high speed train ticket prices without wasting time. The ceiling and floor ticket price application applied in air transportation in the past period should be re-evaluated. In a country where the minimum wage is 300 TL, the targeted mobility in tourism cannot be created with a flight ticket for 486 TL ”.

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