Türsid Line and Stationary Facilities Commission Meeting in Konya

Türsid Line and Stationary Facilities Commission Konya Meeting: All Rail System Operators Association Line and Stationary Facilities Commission 8. He met in Konya for the meeting. 26-27 2016 2 XNUMX days of the program continued for the day was very useful.
Türsid Hat and Stationary Facilities Commission President Cem TUZCUOĞLU shared information about commission activities in his opening speech. Then Türsid Secretary General Aysun DURNA, who attended the meeting representing Türsid, shared that the recognition of Türsid increased day by day and the beneficial works were done. Then, Konya Metropolitan Municipality, Department of Transportation Planning and Rail Systems Department of Konya Metropolitan Municipality Branch Manager Abdullah DEMIR made a speech and stated that Türsid's activities were very important in terms of sharing experiences and they shared the experiences with the public.
After the opening speeches, the presentations of the rail system representatives were started. In this section, Mehmet HAYIRLIOĞLU, Civil Engineer from Konya Metropolitan Municipality, explained the Bu Rail System Construction Process in Konya Rail System History and Protected Areas Bu. Civil Engineer İsmail AY on Hak Particulate Pollution of Railway Tunnels - PAKRAY Tunnel Washing Vehicle O, Kayseri Directorate of Fixed Facilities Manager Ahmet ULUSOY on ünel Performance Management System P and finally Kayseri Maintenance Building Chief Hakan ŞAHAN “İncesu - Gömeç Suburban Line ”presented their presentations.
In the afternoon session, the new commission presidential election was held. In this section, the Chairman of the Line and Stationary Facilities Commission Mr. Cem TUZCUOĞLU informed about the works carried out in the 2 annual process. Then Türsid Secretary General Aysun DURNA informed the committee about the election of the presidency. The election was chaired by Kayseri Transportation Stationary Facilities Manager Ahmet ULUSOY.
In the remaining part of the program, Sakarya and Courthouse Tramway Workshops and storage areas of Konya Metropolitan Municipality Rail System Branch Directorate were examined. Participants first in Turkey on this issue, in which the application is world No. They examined the overhead contact line tram line and took the tram vehicle batteries. The program ended with Mevlâna Dergahı and Sille visits.

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