Turkey's first domestic low-floor Rail System Design Tool

Turkey's first domestic low-floor Rail System Design Tool: Turkey's first domestic low-floor design Rail Vehicle Production Begins in Ankara
Bozankaya has started the production of Diesel CNG and Electric Bus in its new location in Sincan OSB under the TCV brand last year and obtained the Industrial Registration Certificate on 21.12.2015.
Trolleybus, Rail System Vehicles, Bus Skeleton Factory will be produced at the new address in Sincan OSB. Bozankaya Automotive Machinery Manufacturing Import and Export Inc. Industrial Registry Certificate has been given.
Bozankaya AS the first time a tram from the design stage to the production stage all stages of Turkey's first low-performing locally will be domestic rail vehicle. BozankayaThe company was founded in Germany in 1989, and in Ankara in 2003. Bozankaya Inc. has started to produce diesel and CNG buses, trambuses, electric buses and rail system vehicles under its own brand.
By taking the tender of Kayseri Municipality,% 100 started the first domestic tram project with low base. Within the scope of this tender, 2 set (consisting of 30 wagon) will be delivered to the Municipality of Kayseri within the next 150 year. Tramway vehicle to be developed within the scope of the project will be a two-way 100 low floor rail system vehicle.
As it is known, such tram vehicles are purchased from abroad and used in our country. Bozankaya A.Ş in this project; develops modular and intelligent systems with energy and environment-friendly solution plan, in compliance with zero emission principle, causing low noise pollution, saving weight and space, high safety and comfort, high passenger capacity. Our country will be able to compete both nationally and internationally thanks to the products to be developed through similar domestic R & D activities.
About tram Bozankaya is the first 100 low-bottom vehicle, all of which is domestic design and production. In addition to this, it can be considered as the first vehicle in terms of many features due to its environmentalism, passenger capacity and low floor. In addition, the engine power is more advantageous than the competitors, while the passenger carrying capacity will be 300 and below in domestic and international products, while Bozankaya will have 310 passenger carrying capacity, and the empty weight will be less lighter than 1,5-2,0 tons compared to the same segment vehicles. One different side; While all companies use EN 12663, which is the international tram standard, design activities have been started on the basis of VDV152 standard which is coming into force in our product. In this way, the intellectual property rights Bozankaya A product based on local and original design will be obtained.
Overseas companies in the sector such as Siemens / Germany, Bombardier / Canada, Alstom / France, AnsaldoBreda / Italy, CSR / China, CNR / China, CAF / Spain, Skoda / Czech Republic, Hyundai Rotem / G.Kore, Mitsubishi / Japan Metro, Light Rail Vehicles (LRT) and Tramways in total 11 provinces including Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Eskisehir, Adana, Kayseri, Konya, Antalya, Samsun and Gaziantep. 2.156 is purchased by using 6.5 vehicles and it is expected to be spent about XNUMX billion Euro and also for spare parts, labor and stock costs. Considering that the human and financial resources of our country are transferred almost entirely in the sector, the efforts of our domestic companies in this regard are very important. Our target is to prevent import purchases with such projects and to have significant domestic and national opportunities.
Bozankaya The gaps that the tram project will fill in the sector:
As the results of the project will fill the gaps in our country in the field of light rail systems, Bozankaya company will be able to compete with foreign companies in this field, and our country's dependence on abroad will decrease. In addition, with the experience and R & D infrastructure gained with this project, the subway and high-speed train sector will be introduced, which will be a major gain for our country.
Since the public transport sector is a big sector in itself, the production of its own systems, the production of detail parts in the mechanical / electromechanical systems during the project or the purchase from the outside will naturally affect the related sub-industry positively. Kayseri tramway vehicle will provide a significant added value in this sector and will contribute significantly to the localization of the products used in our country and also to the reduction of the costs. it can also be produced.
Since the public transport sector is a large sector in itself, every new project will enable the initiation of new projects.Bozankaya Inc. is an innovative project that will contribute to the Ankara industry in addition to leading the way in line with the country's targets in a national issue.

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  1. % means one hundred percent low, meaning that if one hundred percent domestic material was used, this is a false statement.