Trees are transported once again for the tram in Izmir

Trees are being transported once again for the tram in Izmir: Konak will start a new era in public transportation. Karşıyaka Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which continues the construction of the tramways, is taking another step to accelerate the productions at Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard. In the section between Göztepe and Karataş, the trees and palm trees remaining on the middle median will be moved to the green areas on both sides of the road to expand the street. Metropolitan teams, at least until the new planting will be carried.
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, Konak and the construction of the "environmentalist" and "comfortable" Karşıyaka is continuing the construction work of trams at full speed. Karşıyakaline productions in 75 percent, 18 percent of the Konak Tramvay'nda completed. Production of 2 thousand 700 meters line on the land side of the Konak line on Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard (F.Altay - Halkapınar direction) to Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard Square and Vehicle Underpass area and on the sea side (Halkapınar - F.Altay direction) 1700 meter line production Göztepe region was reached.
Palm trees will be moved
In the region between Göztepe and Karataş, 9 will start on Thursday, June and will replace the palm trees and cisterns in the middle median. Trees on the middle median will be transported on both sides of the road in order to ensure that the new traffic pattern to be established with the manufacture of the tramway line will be able to function properly. Within the scope of the studies to be carried out in two stages, a significant portion of the trees to be transported is composed of palm trees that remain stunted and cannot develop in a healthy manner due to the lack of suitable ground conditions. 19 will be transported between Göztepe and Küçükyalı. 12-0 m. It is composed of tufts. When the work is completed, the 1,5 pieces will be replaced with 39 pieces of palm trees.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality teams, as the number of palm moved to the new will sew a new number of trees and will double. With the completion of the Konak Tramway, the tram line that will be on the green ground with the green section will be accompanied by the palms surrounding each side of the road.

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