Izmir Metropolitan Municipality tramway case

Tram case against Izmir Metropolitan Municipality: Konak and Karşıyaka 335 person, who claims that the tram project caused environmental disaster, is preparing to file a cancellation lawsuit against Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.
Citizens making press statements in the park on the coast of Göztepe carried cartoons and photographs in which they criticized the tram project.
Stating that they have completed their preparations for filing an annulment case, lawyer Mustafa Kemal Turan said that Izmir does not have a Transportation Master Plan in force for about 3 years.
Turan said, "Konak and Konak, which is being built illegally without zoning today, with the envisaged situation in the Old Transportation Master Plan. Karşıyaka tram manufacturing has nothing to do, ”he said.
In the context of the project he claimed to be a fugitive, Turan stated that the tree had been severely slaughtered and continued to be cut.
“They are destroying active green spaces. A total of about 18 thousand parking spaces will be lost along the route. More than anything Karşıyaka This project, which will create a serious barrier for pedestrians to reach the sea on the Konak coastline, has impossible formations such as Şair Eşref Boulevard and Alsancak Station crossings. When the project is completed, the current traffic problem will become impossible to pass at all. "

Günceleme: 10/12/2018 15:53

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