Trees on the tram line are being removed

The trees on the tram line are dismantled: Trees on the tram line are being planted in green areas after the vegetation process at the Metropolitan Nursery Center.
In Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Nursery Center, trees taken from tram lines and road works are rehabilitated and planted in green areas again. 89 plant in the past in the land in the nursery Center, the Metropolitan Municipality of green areas of the seedlings and plants grown here. Trees under the control of Agricultural Engineers are planted in landscaping and green field works which are the projects of Park Garden and Green Areas Department after the vegetation process.
The trees in the linden, sycamore and maple types on the tram line are brought from the soil to the Sapling Center by the dismantling machine. Here, in the first stage of the root and branch pruned trees by taking the planting area of ​​the special mixture of soil is planted in pots. Trees that are given the first tree, vegetation (adaptation of the plant to the ecological conditions in one place) will be taken to the region where little wind and less sun are taken. Trees are kept under control by periodically watering them with drip irrigation system. After the works to keep the tree rooted in these large pots, the trees, which are ready for planting, are being planted again.
In accordance with the information received from the authorities of the Metropolitan Municipality Nursery Center, it was stated that maintenance works were carried out in order to take root of the trees carefully removed from this center. Stripped trees, in the process of vegetation in the nursery, if any, are covered by wound paste in their bodies. Trees are planted in large pots after root and branch pruning. Special mixture for root retention in the soil, the trees are kept in a special area, then again in the appropriate places are standing.
The tree is a special mixture of peat, leonerdif, organic fertilizers, such as organic fertilizers in the soil in the tree pot, all the minerals and nutrients it needs from this soil can provide. The root structure of this tree is developed in this soil, drip irrigation system water is given. Trees under regular surveillance are planted in green areas after rehabilitation.
Fahrettin Mutaf Park D-100, which is located on the highway, has been dismantled and brought to the nursery center. In the center, there are trees such as linden, sycamore and maple, which were removed from Yahya Kaptandan and other line routes. Trees that undergo vegetation process at this center will be planted in green areas again after completing root release process.
Here the root and body pruning of trees, special mixture of soil in the pots were planted to the trees were given the first juices. After the periodic maintenance and irrigations in the area where little sunlight and low winds are allocated to them, and the trees have completed the root release process, a green area will be erected by the Metropolitan Municipality.

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