Tram Line Comes Soon

Tram Line Comes Soon: The tram that can be seen as the shortest awkward history of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. For the tram project, promised by İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu years ago, a few steps were taken after this promise was made.
First, a wagon representing the tram wagons were brought and exhibited at the Anıtpark.
The incompetence of the municipality, which used a triple plug for the electricity of the wagon, increased with the tender of the project.
The tramway project, which caused a great deal of scandals in the city center and led to the destruction of alcoholic places, was forgotten and the project was later added to the project.
Yahya Kaptan District was intervened for days because of the intervention of trees.
A citizen who fell into the open pit was rescued at the last moment.
The final incompetence was repeated 2 once in a week.
Yahya Kaptan detonated the natural gas pipe.
The fire in the stove of the citizen was extinguished, the house did not heat up, the water did not heat up in the region, where natural gas was cut off twice a week due to the natural gas lines exploded by the construction equipment working within the scope of the tram works.
The municipality, which does not properly supervise the company undertaking tram works, invites a major disaster.
The pipeline was punctured, the two were pierced; need to pay attention ..!



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