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Tourism Growth Centers in Denizli: Denizli textile sector in Turkey's economy stands out, in fact, historical and cultural values, yet truly an undiscovered world-famous excavations and spas tourism paradise
Denizli, which stands out with its textile sector in the Turkish economy, is actually a tourism paradise that has not yet been truly discovered with its historical and cultural values, world-famous excavations and spas. started a tourism attack with its investments and new projects. With the new projects carried out by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, the historical heritage and natural riches it contains are used for tourism. kazanDenizli, which will increase its tourism potential, will increase its tourism potential in the coming years. kazanplans to increase it. The city, which creates diversity by adding skiing and mountain tourism to nature, history and cultural tourism, aims to host millions of local and foreign tourists.
The “Teleferik and Bağbaşı Plateau”, which are among the new projects of the municipality, and the Denizli Ski Center, which was built at an altitude of 2.420 meters in the Nikfer District of Tavas district, will attract the region to the focus of tourism for 4 seasons. With the cable car line carrying 1500 people, you can reach Bağbaşı Plateau at an altitude of 8 meters from the Bağbaşı City Forest. There is a cafeteria in the area where the cable car upper station is located, and a restaurant, cafeteria, picnic areas with and without fire, 24 bungalow residences and tent areas in Bağbaşı Plateau, which is 1000 meters away from the upper station.
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan states that they will be a brand project in this area with the cable car and plateau project they have implemented with an investment of 38 million TL. Stating that the project is carried out in accordance with the forest cover by preserving the natural structure of the plateau, Zolan said, “With the panoramic city view provided by the cable car, the transportation will greatly affect local and foreign tourists and we are sure that the Bağbaşı Plateau will take its place among the important tourism destinations. Denizli has a great potential. With the number of tourists arriving in Turkey Denizli ranks in the top 5. However, we look at the economic value that tourists add to the city rather than the number of tourists. In this, we must use our full potential. Tourism is one of Denizli's main engines. It is not possible to ignore this value that exists in our city. We want to return our cultural, natural and historical assets to the city as an added value, we want to introduce Denizli to the whole world ”.
The second biggest tourism investment of Denizli is Denizli Ski Center with an altitude of 2.419 meters. The biggest ski center of the Western Anatolia Region with its natural tracks provides skiing between December and April. The ski center will also host highland tourism and sports clubs in summer. Denizli Ski Center, one of the investments put into service by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality in order for the city to get more shares from alternative tourism resources, serves its visitors with its ski slopes and mechanical facilities. The longest one is 1.700 meters, the second one is 1.500 meters, the third is 700 meters, while the facilities serve amateur and professional skiers, while the summit is reached with 2 chair lifts, 1 teleski and walking band. Denizli Ski Center, which has the capacity to meet all the needs of its visitors with its infrastructure and daily facility, provides a great advantage for skiing with its topographic structure and snow feature. In the coming years it will also provide accommodation with hotel investments in Turkey's aim to become one of the major ski resorts.
While Pamukkale was the locomotive of tourism in Denizli, its important historical heritage has not come to light until today. Denizli has 19 ancient cities and nearly 1000 Cultural Registered assets. Denizli has an important potential in terms of faith tourism… Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan said “Denizli will continue to attract tourists with its different tourism potentials as well as thermal health and faith tourism. In addition to Pamukkale and Hierapolis ancient cities, Laodicea, where major excavations have been carried out recently, will be among the locomotives of the city in terms of faith tourism. Leaodikya the excavations as a first in Turkey have undertaken the Metropolitan Municipality of Denizli. Since the excavations we carry out in-house are carried out 12 months of the year, they are progressing very fast and we have uncovered a large area in a short time. In addition, with the aquarium we are planning to establish in this region in the near future, we will provide a different experience to these tourists, ”he says.
Denizli has an important potential for religious tourism worldwide with its ancient religious centers. Located in Pamukkale Hierapolis Ancient City and one of the 12 apostles of Jesus Christ, St. The Martyr and Tomb of Philippe, one of the 7 churches mentioned in the Bible in the ancient city of Laodicea and having unique architectural features, the "Holy Cross Church" was named after the Lydian Bishops of the Ancient City of Tripolis, which was present at the Nikea Council in 325 AD. Being a sacred city at the level of the diocese with the passing of the ancient city of Colossae, the largest church of Asia, St. Michael Church, Herakleia Salbace Ancient City and Attuda Ancient City are among the faith tourism centers… There are currently 6 excavations in the region.
Denizli is one of the richest areas of the world in terms of thermal water resources. Pamukkale, Karahayıt, Akköy, Yenicekent, Sarayköy region between the temperatures of 25C degrees and 250 C degrees, extremely useful in terms of health and quality thermal waters, thermal tourism and treatment facilities can be made in qualified facilities throughout the year. Denizli's thermal waters are good for heart, rheumatism, blood pressure, rickets, skin, eye and nerve diseases, but when warmed, they are healing stomach inflammation and reyno. In addition, Denizli's geothermal resources are used in the fields of thermal tourism, agriculture and energy.
In 2015, over 2.5 million domestic and foreign tourists came to Denizli, approximately 1 million 800 thousand of them visited Pamukkale. After the new investments and promotional activities for faith tourism, the total number of tourists is expected to reach 5.5 million in the short term and 2023 million in 10. While the city has reached a capacity of 237 facilities and 18.538 beds at the moment, this number is expected to have 2016 facilities and 260 bed capacity at the end of 25.000… Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan said, “Although Denizli seems to be an industrial and agricultural city, it will be a leader in tourism in the future with its rich resources. . In addition to our values ​​that have a history of thousands of years such as Pamukkale and Laodicea, which are unique in the world, we are also trying to make our city get more share from this sector by evaluating alternative tourism resources such as winter tourism and plateau tourism. 190 thousand people are employed in our city, which produces more than it consumes. With the investments we make in the field of tourism, we plan to provide employment for 60 thousand people in addition to this number. In addition to all infrastructure investments for the development of tourism, our trainings continue in our Tourism high schools and universities to train qualified personnel. We know that this region will gain a great tourism potential in the near future. In this respect, we invite investors to invest in Denizli. As a municipality, we are ready to provide any kind of incentives and support. It is important that they take advantage of this opportunity and turn the future tourism movement into an opportunity. 3-5 years may be too late for the investors, they should act from today ”.
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality is implementing 121 projects from transportation to infrastructure, from parks and green areas to cultural centers. By changing the face of Denizli, 121 project has been created to increase the living standards of Denizli. 1 is expected to be completed within 1 years. After the tourism investments of the municipality, the project is meticulously focused on the Triangle Square and the Bridge Interchange Project pr When President Zolan tells the projects ğu We take our roads in tunnel form. There will be two floors, roads that will go underground and above ground. There are places planned to be ground two floors. There are single-story roads that go under the ground. We got our busy traffic under the ground. But of course, we have separate work on the traffic from the top entrances. The top of the Triangle will be a new park with a beautiful landscape. In addition, city centers and districts 7 indoor swimming pool, the Aegean young people can meet social and cultural needs of the largest youth center, we spend the streets of Turkey's largest animal shelter and rehabilitation center to life. We also plan to complete 2500 km infrastructure work. Our goal is to make 1 billion TL investment every year and to ensure that our people live in a more modern city and that the city has a modern infrastructure for our growth in tourism Hedef

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