Denizli is going to iftar with cable car

Denizli is going to do iftar ropeway: Denizli Metropolitan Municipality last year opened the service offered by the cable car, especially in the hot days of iftarlarını to meet the high demand of citizens who want to open the plateau Ekici with the family iftar: aç Air temperature on the days of rising to the plateau with the cable car is very enjoyable iler

A large number of citizens, who are overwhelmed by heat in Denizli, are flocking to Bağbaşı Plateau, which is provided with a ropeway to open its iftar.

Extremely hot during the month of Ramadan, the demand for plateaus in Denizli also increased. Bağbaşı Plateau, which was put into service by the Metropolitan Municipality last year, started to experience the most crowded period of the year. Citizens who want to open the iftarlarını facilities in the plateau, is trying to catch up with the cable car.

Citizens arriving on the cable car from the city where the temperature exceeds the 30 level and reaching the Bağbasi Plateau at an altitude of 8 with an approximate 1400 minute travels enjoy the cool air that the average 19 feels.

Waiting for the arrival of the fast-breaking time in the facilities of the plateau, the prayer of the Ramadan in the cool air with the pleasure of being alive.

After the end-of-the-day walking citizens, until the 23.00'da ropeways back to the city is back.

It is stated that the number of those who prefer to stay in the bungalows in the highland or in the tent established by the municipality has also increased with the extreme temperatures.

- We're wearing jackets.

Süleyman Ekici with his family iftar iftar on the plateau due to the weather is very hot minds of the idea of ​​making iftar on the plateau on the highlands, thanks to the ropeway in a very short time this opportunity can reach.

Ekici said, “We had a beautiful evening of Ramadan, where people enjoy and enjoy. We thank the contributors. Katkı

Cennet Ekici said that he got on the ropeway for the first time. After the warm air it was happy to open the iftar in such a beautiful place. It is also a different feeling to come to the uttara by the cable car and live it. Everything is very well thought out. Her

Ahmet Kocagoz the day in the day of the thermometer 40 degree showed up, they had to wear a jacket in the evening because of the cool weather was noteworthy.

Denizli Mayor Osman Zola, in his statement, the day it was opened using the citizens about 1.5 million since the cable car and springs resort of magnificent nature and Turkey unequaled complex voiced that it has a structure.

Zolan, in his statement, said: in The biggest difference of our project with the equivalent of our project, while we go up the cable lift, we did not think of the view of Denizli, re-descended again. When the cable car goes out, you can watch the city, then meet with the plateaus, and we want our citizens to benefit from the facilities here. Inda

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