The names of those who lost their lives in a train accident in Elazığ

Names of Those Who Lost Their Lives in Elazig Train Crash Announced: Names of 5 people, 9 of whom were Syrian citizens, died in the train accident that took place yesterday in Elazig.
The names of the citizens who died in the catastrophic accident are as follows: “23 ED 622 plate minibus driver Mesut Karakoç, workers Zülküf Yaşar, Turan Özdemir, Doğan Demir and Syrian workers Husay Salih, Muhammet Eshab, Rami Esab, Basil Halabja, Abdullah Barhas”
On the other hand, Syrian national Muaz Habur continues to be treated in the intensive care unit of Elazig Training and Research Hospital.




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