Ministry will pay compensation for Aslı Nemutlu

The ministry will pay compensation for Aslı Nemutlu: The compensation lawsuit filed against the administrative court of the death of 4.5-year-old Aslı Nemutlu, who died at the Konaklı Ski Center in Erzurum, about 17 years ago, was concluded.

The court sentenced the Ministry of Youth and Sports to pay a total of 150 thousand 86 lira, including 777 thousand liras of material and 236 thousand 777 liras for moral. Aslı's father, Ahmet Metin Nemutlu, said that the compensation earned will be used in the sportive and educational lives of students at the Aslı Nemutlu Young Athletes Association.

Aslı Nemutlu came to Erzurum to participate in Alpine skiing competitions in Konaklı Ski Center. including Turkey Ski Federation about Nemutlu's death (TKF), former President Özer sober, Youth Services and Sports, former Provincial Director Fatih Çintimar the Provincial Health Director Serhat Vançelik of the total 12 officials about xnumx'ünc the Criminal Court in the case where opened.

26 2015 2.5 decision of the former President Özer Ayık and Ski Provincial representative Nevzat Bayraktar 1'ar year, coaches Recep Suleyman Dilik Fidan Kirbac Ozbakir, TKF former Secretary-General Ahmet Muhtar Kurt, Konakli Ski Center Ahmet Demir responsible for the mechanical and mechanical work Ebubekir Urhan was sentenced to one year of 8 imprisonment for 9 on charges of 'causing the death of a person by taxi.' The prosecuted XNUMX public official was acquitted.

Nemutlu family filed a lawsuit against the Ministry of Youth and Sports in the Erzurum Regional Administrative Court. The material and non-pecuniary damages proceedings brought against the 1 Administrative Court were concluded. The 1 Administrative Court decided to pay a total of 150 thousand 86 TL non-pecuniary damages to the Nemutlu family of the Ministry of Youth and Sports which was found to be in service in the death of Aslı Nemutlu.

In the court's decision, ekk To ensure the implementation of international rules and all kinds of instructions in sports competitions, to take measures related to sportsman's health, to control the sports clubs and organizations which have been registered in accordance with this law and to the sports aiming sports, sportsmen and sports personnel. It has been concluded that the Ministry of Sports has a service flaw, which does not use the supervisory and supervisory authority for the Ski Federation which organizes competition on the track which is not suitable for the international boards and does not take sports and health measures.

As a result of the competition to be held next day at Konaklı Ski Center in the Palandöken Konaklı district, Aslı Nemutlu who passed away as a result of the collision of snow drapes prepared by the expert reports made in the judicial jurisdiction in violation of the standards. 's death in the event of service flaws is understood to be found to be paid unanimous financial compensation claims "said.

Kemalistin Özdemir, the head of the 1 Administrative Court, remained opposed to the decision. The case of the Youth and Sports Ministry Özdemir is rather of the opinion that should be opened to tkf'y, "Turkey is subject to the responsible party's legal provisions in the incident which took place at Ski Federation's responsibility for the conduct of the competition in the training made even a day before an independent status, and that Turkey Ski Federation has legal personality and flaws this compensation case opened based on business needs to be opened in the case of Turkey Ski Federation concluded that when the judicial courts should be seen in Geçlik and Sports Ministry rather than against Turkey Ski Federation, "he said.

While evaluating the decision, it was revealed that his daughter Aslı once more proved to be right. Metin Nemutlu emphasized that after the death of 3 years, they founded the Young Athletes Association of Aslı Nemutlu and the athletes were raised. Ahmet Metin Nemutlu rated it as follows:

K Like the criminal court, the Administrative Court found us right. The compensation earned will be instrumental in raising new Aslıs in this association. We have athletes in 7-13 age in our association. This money will be used in the sporty needs of 14 boys and girls. As before, both the sportive and educational needs of our young children will continue to be met. Until we go to university, we will be the material and spiritual side of our children. In the end, we lost my daughter, but we are trying to raise the national athletes who are beneficial to our country at least in the setting of Aslı. Our children are grown under the umbrella of the Association of Young Athletes earned this money by Turkey, Europe, we will do our best in order to be World Champion. There is no original but we will continue our struggle to raise many successful athletes like him. As

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