Trabzona rail system cost became clear

The cost of the railway system in Trabzona was determined: The cost of the rail system that was planned to be built in Trabzon for a while was announced .. The Mayor Gümüşçüoğlu announced that it would cost the estimated 140 million euros if the rail system was built Trab
The Mayor of Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality started the parliamentary meetings of Mayor Ornhan Fevzi Gümrükçüoğlu today. President Gümrükçüoğlu speaking about the activities of the moon at night in Parliament, referred to the terrorist attacks in Turkey in recent months. Gokhan Topcu, the police officer of Trabzon, who was martyred with 5 gunmate police and 5 civilians in the terrorist event in Istanbul, said X Gokhan is our son, Trabzon's son. But the information that will be buried in Istanbul has reached, def he said.
Mayor Gümrükçüoğlu, continued as follows: saldır They are trying to break our union with these attacks. Single homeland without distinguishing any ethnicity, single nation, embrace all who accept the single flag. We will continue to give the necessary response to those who want to divide our nation and our nation with international organizations and international organizations. We are here with you from Trabzon to the whole world, ain he said.
Also condemning Federal Germany's definition of the Armenian lie as Ermeni Genocide UM, President Gumrukcuoglu said, ı The Federal Republic of Germany declared the 1915 as the Armenian Genocide. All of our political parties, NGOs have condemned this big lie in the widest sense of unity and solidarity. We declare the same condemnation from Trabzon as Metropolitan Municipality. General Political decisions, the measures taken by our state that we will take measures of equivalent values ​​in our daily life, we will apply, '' he said.
Chairman of the Customs Customs, the events occurring in the last month and the council members after informing the council members answered questions. MHP member Ali Sağır, ası Can you give detailed information about the rail system operation? Is there work on establishing a route to the South Environment? Güney. The president responded to these questions: “Light Rail system. Until now, I have stated that when this issue has been raised since 2009, there is a preliminary preparation and numerical data should be formed when the application is to be implemented. He said; Since the beginning of this year, we have built the preliminary project. These studies continue. We are in the final stage of a project tender. When the preliminary work of the project is presented, there is a reality.
Now, let's take 24 hours between the start and end points of the rail system, if you have 0 and 5 passengers, then it will help you to solve it by small means of transport. General Directorate of Infrastructure of the Ministry of Transport and Transportation. General Directorate of Infrastructure. One 5 to the 10 bin and 3 bin between the bus is solved says. 10 bin - 15 says you can consider the light rail system if it is between a thousand. If the 15 is over a thousand, it is directed towards the metro. I'm actually declaring the rule that I will implement it myself. It's that O
In the event that this is reported to be appropriate, they state that in international credit, the state guarantee cannot be given in foreign credit after the SPO has not passed. Within the framework of these rules, we have not approached these figures today. Other than that, there are some examples of the rail system. Kayseri, Samsun, Bursa, such as .. In this issue, along with a lot of state support has been provided. The results of these studies show us that if you are to demand an external loan, the government guarantee will not be considered compulsory together with this credit, these approvals are more moderate. So if you are going to make this attempt with your own resources .. If you will not apply for foreign loans that are required for State Guarantee.
In our latest works: The estimated cost between Trabzon Center and Akçaabat, Yomra is now 140 million Euros… The cost of the Light Rail system… Even if we shorten it between Akyazı Stadium and the airport, it seems that it can be done with at least 150 million TL. Probably, when the final studies on this subject are brought before us, we will bid for the project. "

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