TCDD was granted Monopoly status, it will also be able to operate ferryboats

TCDD has been granted Monopoly status, it will also be able to operate ferryboats: TCDD will manage the railway traffic on the national railway infrastructure network as a monopoly, and will operate ferry operations on routes that are the continuation of the ports, piers, docks and national railway infrastructure network.
The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), is not in service and savings on rail infrastructure network in savings given the national rail infrastructure network will collect fees from operators of traffic management.
TCDD Enterprise General Directorate Main Status was published in the Official Gazette and entered into force.
With the Main Status, the legal status, field of activity and duties, organs and organizational structure of the TCDD General Directorate, their relations with the institution, subsidiary, business and affiliates, provisions regarding liquidation, audit, financial and personnel, assets and other related issues are regulated.
TCDD, which has a legal personality, is autonomous in its activities and is defined as an economic state entity whose responsibility is limited by its capital, will be subject to the provisions of private law without prejudice to the provisions of the law, the Decree and the Statute.
The headquarters of the institution, which will be subject to the audit of the Court of Accounts within the framework of the TCA Law, will be in Ankara, but it can be changed by the decision of the Supreme Planning Council (YPK).
TCDD, which is the state-owned capital of 49 billion 600 million pounds, will run railway infrastructure and railway infrastructure for high speed and high speed railway transportation, will manage railway traffic, and will conduct ferry operations on routes that are the continuation of the port, pier, berth and national railway infrastructure network. will be able to produce and operate all kinds of towing and pulling vehicles, materials and equipment required for railway infrastructure management and ferry operations.
TCDD, which will operate as a railway infrastructure operator on the part of the national railway infrastructure network and which is transferred to the state-owned railway infrastructure, will monopolize the railway traffic on the national railway infrastructure network.
The organization that will determine the traffic management fees on the national railway infrastructure network which is not in its saving with its services on the railway infrastructure network which is in its saving, with equal conditions for all train operators and which will not discriminate, will collect them from railway train operators. Operate, operate or rent non-railway areas of the railway infrastructure that are in the savings.
TCDD will establish or rent the necessary facilities and network for energy production and trade with its communication facilities and network. The port will save, operate and operate the port, piers and berths, and will be able to carry out complementary transports to and from the railways on the seas and inland waterways when necessary.
TCDD will be able to bail its subsidiaries and affiliates in proportion to its share. It shall carry out or make insurance related transactions, make insurance agency and all kinds of appraisal transactions and establish internal insurance fund.
Establish agencies, agencies and representative offices in Turkey and abroad. It will provide necessary services, including consultancy on transportation, logistics, information and telecommunications, in relation to its tasks and activities.
On the other hand, the activities within the scope of the organization of the organization, except for traffic management, can be made partially or completely by others if seen as economic and necessary. All kinds of leasing and leasing operations can be done for domestic and foreign operations.
TCDD will consist of the Board of Directors and the General Directorate. Those who will be appointed to the Board of Directors with a term of office of 3 years will be required to have the general conditions of being appointed as a civil servant, have a higher education and have an administrative and professional expertise related to the field of activity of TCDD, but the condition of having an administrative or professional expertise in one of the members appointed upon the proposal of the Minister. will not be called.
The participation of the establishment or its subsidiary in a joint stock company will be realized by the decision of YPK upon the proposal of TCDD Board of Directors. In order to participate in a joint stock company, the participation share of TCDD or its subsidiary in the capital of the company will be required to be at least 15 percent. This ratio cannot be reduced below 15 percent if the partnership increases capital. More than one undertaking or subsidiary cannot participate in the same affiliate.
The ownership of the shares belonging to its affiliates will belong to TCDD, and the ownership of the shares of the subsidiary affiliates will belong to the subsidiary. At least one member for each 15 percent share representing TCDD or its subsidiary will be present on the boards of directors of TCDD and its affiliates. Balance sheet and final accounts of TCDD and affiliates of its subsidiaries will be added to the annual activity reports of TCDD and its subsidiaries.
TCDD, types of employment of the institution and subsidiary personnel, appointment, dismissal, obligations and responsibilities, staff determination, wages, premiums, bonuses, sending abroad, prohibition of political activity, distribution of attorney fee, wages of board member, auditor and liquidation committee and the provisions of the relevant legislation on rights.
The railway will be considered as the main road at the intersection of the railway, village road and similar roads, and the railway vehicles will be the superiority of the crossing. The institution or organization to which the new road is connected at these intersections shall be deemed to be obliged to make an overpass or overpass and to take other safety measures.
The relevant ones of TCDD's immovables will be determined by TCDD Board of Directors and allocated to TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ free of charge for 10 years.
With the entry into force of this Main Status, the Main Status of the General Directorate of TCDD Business Administration dated 28 October 1984 was abolished.

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