TCDD response to privatization initiatives

Reaction to privatization initiatives in TCDD: United Transport Union (BTS) Istanbul Branch 1 protested the privatization practices in TCDD. BTS members who made a statement at Haydarpaşa Train Station, which has not been in service for a long time has pointed out that the 2013 adopted in 21 will be implemented in June. According to the law, the train operation will be transferred to the private attention, as in previous privatizations, such as employees will leave the future said.
According to the statement, thousands of workers and officers working in the Turkish State Railways (TCDD) have faced many loss of rights due to the liquidation policies carried out for years.
Ilar TCDD Vocational High School closed our hospitals, ports and workshops. Station, Garlar closed, many trains were removed from the expedition. Year of 2014 The number of TCDD employees across the country has fallen as far as 25.957. Look at the results of projects presented to the public with fancy words such as projects of the century. Turkey's largest city of Istanbul can not enter all the streets being filled to the brim with bus and truck from another city and country by train to Istanbul. Gebze-Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci-Halkalı Our trains were taken from our hands. Our suburbs, Adapazarı Expresses, Thrace expressions, Adana-Toros, Denizli-Pamukkale, Diyarbakir-South, Kars-East, Ankara-Fatih, the capital, Anatolia, the bed is no longer available os said the statement, 21 with the law said to be implemented in June employees expect more difficult days.
In the case of the implementation of the law, BTS members, who stated that many of the staff and staff in the university would be subject to economic and social loss of rights by being thrown into the pool as in other privatized institutions, called on all railway workers to fight the law. The statement, the ministry and institution managers do not work to resolve the concerns of employees as they do not work secretly stated that they are implementing the project.

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