TCDD workshop in Samsun becomes Surgical Instruments Museum

The TCDD workshop in Samsun is the Surgical Instruments Museum: TCDD's old repair shop in Samsun and the now ruined building is being transformed into the Museum of Surgical Hand Tools.
TCDD's old maintenance and repair workshop in Samsun and now the ruined building is being transformed into the Museum of Surgical Tools.
Samsun Governorship, Metropolitan Municipality, Samsun Provincial Directorate of Health and MEDIKUM in the building to be converted to the Surgical Hand Tools Museum in Samsun Governor Ibrahim Sahin, Samsun Metropolitan Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz and his companions found.
Ibrahim Sahin, the governor of Samsun, stated that the museum and Samsun will be presented to the visitors through the stages of the surgical instrument production. He said that the visitors of the museum will go to a time tunnel in the production of surgical instruments.
Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz said, a Companies that produce surgical instruments in Samsun are currently manufacturing 15 thousand kinds of surgical instruments. Our city is competing with Germany and Pakistan in the manufacture of surgical hand tools, but there is still little awareness about this. With this museum, Samsun will be a more known city in medical instrument production and will further strengthen its position in the sector. İşte

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