Suburban lines will be connected to Marmaray in two years

Suburban lines will be connected to Marmaray in two years: Transport Minister Arslan, who explained that the suburban lines will be completed in two years and connected to Marmaray, said that the technical success of Marmaray is mentioned wherever you go in the world.
Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan traveled with citizens by getting on Marmaray from Ayrılık Çeşmesi station. Noting that 141,5 million people have traveled in Marmaray so far, Minister Arslan said, “Currently 181 thousand people are traveling daily. Our 219 trains run daily. Our expectations from Marmaray and the expectations of our people are much higher. When we finish and connect the suburban lines, Marmaray will carry several times the passenger. The technical success of Marmaray, which unites the continents under the world without interruption wherever you go, is mentioned. ” Stating that they aim to put the suburban lines into the service of the citizens in about 2 years, Arslan said, “Obviously the suburbs are going a little slow. We held meetings with the relevant people to speed this up. Citizens of Istanbul are waiting for the suburbs to end as soon as possible. Hopefully, we will be at the service of our people in 2 years. ”
"We have a serious work with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to connect all rail systems to each other and turn them into rings," Minister Arslan emphasized that after this happens, citizens cannot give up public transport.
Listened to citizens individually
Arslan, who moaned the citizens one by one, made a note of the demands he received and said that they will make transportation easier in Istanbul with larger projects.
Our journey times are very short
In Marmaray, Arslan asked citizens about questions about where they came from, where they went and whether they were satisfied with the service, and listened to the demands. Citizens also said that they were very pleased with Marmaray, they had traveled between the two sides by using other alternatives beforehand, and now they can only reach the places they can go with Marmaray in advance. Citizens, who stated that their journey was very short, now stated that negative factors such as air opposition, traffic accident and bridge traffic did not affect them.



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