Strategic Investment in Precious Goods Logistics

Strategic Investment in Precious Goods Logistics: Brink's Global Leader in the Valuable Logistics Sector
AHL Free Zone
In Turkey, local and international banks, Gold Exchange members, jewelers and the chain stores, domestic and offering valuable product transport in the international arena, the world leader Brink's, AHL carried out in the Free Zone was inaugurated the facility established with the investment. Investment Turkey, Dubai, Zurich, as a competitor to export and crating valuables strategic points in London and New York off the field.
its activities in Turkey, in the year 1998, Brink's Security Services Inc. titles starting with 100% of global giant, which was established by Brink's capital company; all over the world, banks and financial institutions, mines, the retail industry, jewelry industry and many other private and governmental institutions maden Precious Goods Logistics Service ada offers.
Turkish Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Turkey (ISPAT) with the AHL with the studies carried out in a free zone into service new valuables logistics facility opening, Turkey Prime Ministry Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Turkey (ISPAT) Vice President Ahmet Burak Dağlıoğlu; Borsa İstanbul Precious Metals and Precious Stones Market Division Manager Oğuzhan Aloğlu, Brink's Security Services Inc. Vice President Ishay Zwickel and Brink's Security Services Co.General Director Hasan Ökten performed together.
Prime Ministry Investment Agency Vice President Ahmet Burak Dağlıoğlu stated that they are working very closely with Brink's as an Agency; "Since 2002, remarkable progress Turkey international manufacturing company, management, for activities such as R & D and logistics have been choosing as a regional center. Without a doubt, this vision of Turkey's increasing role in regional centers put our President and Mr. DONE related strategies in the frame. The tens of investments made during the period of our Prime Minister, especially the Ministries of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication, have been the most important steps taken to strengthen our role as a regional center. As Agency, we evaluate the investment of Brink's company in this context. "We think that this facility, which has been opened, strengthens an important link in the value chain in order to become a regional financial center and logistics center of Istanbul."
Borsa Istanbul Precious Metals and Precious Stones Market Division Manager Oguzhan Aloğlu the Istanbul Stock Exchange as for Precious Metals and Precious Stones markets in Turkey, the international platform of Brink's made by this strategic investment through Exchange members will be faster and easier to trade and thus Precious Metals and stones in the name of our country can be created more trade volume, he said.
Hasan Ökten, General Manager of Brink's Security Services Inc., is involved in the investments in the AHL Free Zone. "Our company in Turkey No. 5188 operates under the law on Private Security Services. Brink's Security Services Inc. 's Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya and Adana are located in five cities in our Kasalama center. Our company, to increase the variety of services it offers in Turkey and also in Turkey in order to develop solutions that will create value for the precious Logistics continues to invest in Turkey. In this context, terminating or vice versa abroad began in Turkey, overseas starting and ending lines of business in Turkey have to bring in Turkey of the value added received abroad and to the increase of employment in Turkey, a new make facility investment in AHL Free Zone we opened branches. I would like to thank all the teams in the Prime Ministry Investment Agency for their support in this process. Bu



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