Scandal on İZBAN Train


Scandal on the İZBAN Train: Security cameras caught a couple's intercourse between two stops in İZBAN, an urban public transportation vehicle in İzmir.

A scandalous image appeared on the train of the Izmir Suburban System (IZBAN), where thousands of people travel daily in Izmir. The images of two people, one female and one male, reflected on the security cameras inside the train, shocked. A couple traveling on the train alleged to be in motion at night, taking the opportunity to have no one on the train, entered into a relationship between the stop. It was claimed that the images reflected on the cameras second by second were recorded on the İZBAN train.


In other news, İZBAN officials have launched a large-scale review of scandalous displays. The images sent to the technical service are not clear when and on what train. IZBAN logo on the exit door in the train did not escape attention. According to information received on the subject, there was no such image was recorded recently.

Günceleme: 10/06/2019 22:17

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  1. NO welcome to the event! But for God's sake, what's the news to do? What do you tell us, what to you, what is with them? More importantly; What does this have to do with Rail-Systems and Management ???????????
    Are we so hungry, sensational news enthusiasts?
    It's a good idea to stop, like, three minutes before we've heard such bullshit. Because such a news to none of us, no one benefits, no contribution!