Sarıkamış Investments will be the Tourism Center of the Region

Sarıkamış Will Be The Tourism Center Of The Region With Investments: The rainwater and road construction project built by Sarıkamış Cıbıltepe Ski Center by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has been launched.

Sarıkamış Mayor Göksal Toksoy stated that the infrastructure and superstructure works will be completed with the projects implemented in Cıbıltepe Kaya Center with a capacity of 12 thousand beds.

Toksoy, the entire region in the framework of the studies carried out within the framework of the master plan, he said.

Mayor Göksal Toksy said: “Tourism investors should act immediately, or it will be difficult for them to find a place in the ski resort area. Currently, our infrastructure and superstructure works continue without interruption. ”

Expressing that the construction of the road construction work started at 13 kilometers with a 13 km rainwater line in the ski center hotels region, Toksoy said, “The road route started to be excavated after the ground survey was made in the region. After the excavated roads are filled with stone material, the necessary coating will be made. Here, after filling, 10 kilometers will be covered with asphalt and the other 3 kilometers will be covered with granite cube stone. In other words, after this project and other sewerage, landscaping and business center projects are completed, all of the infrastructure and superstructure works will be completed in our ski center. ”

Toksoy thanked the former ministers and Minister Nabi Avcı and the technical staff who contributed to the ministry on behalf of the Sarıkamış people for their support and contributions.

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