Awareness Activity on Level Crossing in Adana

Awareness Event on Level Crossing in Adana: “Level Crossing Awareness Event” was organized by TCDD 6th Regional Directorate.
TCDD 6. Regional Director Mustafa Çopur, Şakirpaşa level crossing in the event held in the event, to prevent accidents that will occur in the level crossings, should increase the awareness of the drivers said.
Çopur said that TCDD, with its high sense of responsibility, works intensively to minimize the level crossing accidents that threaten the life and property safety of citizens and said, “We reduced the number of level crossings from 2003 in 620 to 420 and made 134 of them controlled level crossings. Today, we are trying to raise awareness by giving our drivers educational brochures containing the rules that our drivers must obey in controlled level crossings. " said.
After his speech, Çopur handed out leaflets to the drivers waiting in the crossing.

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