New Silk Road, Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway

New Silk Road, the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway: this era of globalization where borders are opened, transportation is a problem for Turkey's economy in the first degree. While the whole world is using railways and sea routes, we have focused on the roads and trucks. However, the cost of transportation on rail and sea routes is much cheaper, at least one fifth of the road. 70 of the transportation is done by road. Because it is expensive, road transport increases production costs and ultimately increases product prices.
Moreover, there is a weight limit in road transport and its carrying capacity is low. It creates environmental pollution and traffic problems.
The den Kars-Tbilisi-Baku Railway Project ve, starting from the third Bosphorus Bridge in Europe and starting from Marmaray, passing through Kars-Tbilisi and Baku and the Caspian Sea to Central Aya and China, is the most important project of the century in transportation and transportation. In addition to freight transportation, passenger transportation will also be carried out. After all, this project is id the new silk road linking Europe to China ”.
This project was also found in 2001 credits. However, at that time, the government could not implement the economic crisis. The project, but Georgia, Azerbaijan and Turkey between government, on February 7 2007 was introduced by the treaties signed in Tbilisi. The foundation of the Georgian section of the line was laid on 21 November 2007 with the participation of the presidents of the three countries. The line is expected to be completed on 24 September 2012 yet not completed yet.
From the 1992 year until the 2007, Kars-Ardahan and the Iğdır Development Foundation has been largely lobbying. Kars and Ardahan lawmakers and other provinces, such as Karslı-Ardahanlı MPs have also followed the subject. In addition, Kemal Murathanov, who is the only Turkish MP of Georgia between the 2002-2007, worked for this project in Georgia and Azerbaijan.
Now Ahmet Arslan, the Minister of Transport, was the general manager of DLH.
When the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway is put into service, it is aimed to transport 3 million tons of cargo per year in the medium term and it is aimed to transport 2034 million 16 thousand passengers with 500 million 1 thousand tons of cargo in 500 year.
With this project, Turkey will be linked to the Turkish Republics in Central Asia through the Caspian Sea. Uninterrupted railway connection will be provided between the Central Asian Turkic Republics and the Turkish Republic of 200 with the most important oil-natural gas deposits in the world.
Our trade with the Turkic Republics of Georgia, Azerbaijan and Central Asia will increase.
Governments, on the other hand, keep the border trade narrow. For this reason, our trade with our neighbor Georgia is far below the potential. The construction of the railway will allow this potential to be used.
The railway will provide further development of our political relations with all these countries.
Kars-Ardahan region is a region that has been giving intensive migration for years. Livestock, which is the livelihood of this region, has collapsed completely due to the wrong agricultural policy of the past governments. After 1950, live animals were exported to Russia. For ten to fifteen years, this income was cut in the region after the 1960 years UM The opening of the railway will bring vitality to this region. It will prevent migration.
The project is a feasibility project X 4-5 is calculated to pay off in the year.

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