Siemens's New Headquarters Building in Munich

Siemens' new headquarters building in Munich is now in operation: Siemens's new headquarters in Munich were opened with a ceremony attended by Siemens AG employees, management and advisory board members, official officials and business representatives. The new building, which was completed in three years and has a capacity of 1.200, was founded on an area of ​​45 thousand square meters. The energy used at the center, where environmental awareness is at the highest level, is largely derived from renewable sources; There are special parking spaces for electric bicycles, electric cars and also normal bicycles.
The founder of the company is Werner von Siemens's 200. the front of the building, which was opened on the day of birth, was named on Werner-von-Siemens-Strasse doğum. The energy consumed in the new building, designed in accordance with the highest environmental standards, is largely derived from renewable sources. Annual CO2 emissions in the new center have been reduced to 9 per square meter.
Designed to meet environmental standards, the building saves energy
The building, designed to be compatible with the urban landscape under the management of the Henning Larsen Architects architecture company, has public green spaces and restaurants. The large areas created for the employees facilitated the information sharing and cooperation of the people in different departments, while the silent areas were created for the jobs that required more focus.
The new central sustainable building concept combines efficiency and environmental protection. All the work areas in the building were covered with glass from floor to ceiling to get the most out of daylight. Employees can adjust their heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) technologies to their needs. All energy consumption needs are derived from renewable sources. There is a strong photovoltaic system on the roof. HVAC technology is supported by summer floor heating and cooling in winter. With these measures, the building can reduce the annual CO2 emission to approximately nine kilograms per square meter; this means a reduction in carbon emissions by 90 per cent compared to the old building.
The new Siemens headquarters has a sustainable building concept, as well as a charging station for electric bicycles, as well as a bike room with an 200 vehicle capacity. It also consists of 21 parking lot with charging station for electric cars to support new mobility concepts.
The most basic criterion in the design of the building was that it was compatible with the cityscape and the building was planned in public. The public and visitors of Munich can easily access the green inner courtyards of Siemens' new headquarters, and enjoy public restaurant and seating areas.
The innovative systems of Siemens Building Technologies make it possible to implement the highest sustainability standards worldwide, including the LEED and DGNB certification required for the platinum category.

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