Minibuses Will Go Red Buses Future

Minibuses will go, Red Buses Future: Antalya Chamber of Busiers Ali Tüzün, public transportation of all cars with low base and red bus on the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department (UKOME) said they had applied.
Antalya Chamber of Buses President Ali Tuzun, public transportation of all cars with low base and red bus on the subject to the Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Directorate (UKOME) said they had applied. Ali Tüzün reported that there was an injustice in all of the routes. It's not just on those lines. On some routes, disabled people can easily use the red buses, while in some of our routes, our disabled citizens are having problems because of not being a red bus. Transportation needs a bulk solution, 'he said.
Ali Tüzün President of the Chamber of Chamber of Buses, 2015 in the Ministry of Family and Social Policies of the disabled citizens to use the tools without difficulty, said the decision was not yet put into practice. Some routes especially DC15, MC12, DL13 Red Bus is not given to vehicles such as unfair competition between the transportation of artisans, such as unjustified citizens of the unfair Tüzün said, '' Lara and Konyaalti with the red buses in the region while serving citizens in the districts of Red Hill, no fewer than the buses in Döşemealtı, Aksu. It is extremely troublesome for both transport tradesmen and disabled citizens. This situation causes unfair competition between our transportation tradesmen. We conveyed our views to UKOME in order to make all vehicles low-based. Hopefully when we decide to move, we want to serve our citizens not only with these routes, but also with low-based red buses on all routes. To be able to take equal service to citizens to be on the red bus should be on all routes' he said.




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