Marmaray passengers opened their fast at the stop

Marmaray passengers opened their fast at the station: Zeytinburnu Municipality continues to offer hot soup to citizens who cannot catch iftar. Kazlıçeşme Marmaray Station, served with the soups in the stall opened the citizens, said they were satisfied with the application.
Zeytinburnu Municipality during the Ramadan month of citizens staying on the road during the iftar soup continues to be served. Municipal teams Kazlıçeşme Marmaray Station can not reach the iftar dinner as an iftar dinner, lentil soup, palm, bread and water distribution made. Hundreds of passengers who could not reach his home for iftar opened the fast with iftariyelik with their fasts being read.
Abdullah Yildirim, who opened his iftar with hot soup distributed at the Marmarayçeşme station, said, ift We thank the municipality for giving such an opportunity. Of course we could not reach the iftar came to eat here. This is the first time I came out of Ramadan. I got out of work, I was going home, but I'm late. I'm glad you saw the food here. We couldn't go home, but at least we opened it in time. Obviously I was very happy to see that such a treat was available. Açık
Yavuz Demir, who was delayed due to traffic, said, en It was a very nice treat. Because we could drink water until we got home, but we wouldn't have had a bite. Even if he went in, we'd be in a hurry. Such was beautiful, God bless, May God accept, Böyle he said.
“THAT IS THE kind of events in the Islamic world İN
Özcan Öztürk told that he returned from the patient visit and stayed on the iftar hour. Birlik We had our patient, we were with him for the operation until the end of the operation. So we were delayed in fasting, we needed to open our fast on the road. May Allah be accepted, thank you very much for your hospitality. We want it to continue. We also enjoy these activities. It is very nice to do such things in the Islamic world. It is quite a pleasure to us. Oldukça Murat Meral, who was a taxi driver at Kazlıçeşme Marmaray Station, said, Murat We may be able to open our time from time to time. God bless the cause of all, the hands of everyone who contributed to health. We are very pleased with this kind of activities of our municipality. So we are also grateful to the people. Generally I am opening here because I do a taxi driver at this stop ş.

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