Marmaray Flights Stopped by Terrorism

Did Marmaray Expeditions Stopped Due to Terrorism: After the suicide bomb attack at Istanbul Airport, Marmaray flights were stopped for 1 hour, causing panic among citizens.
People are very worried because of the suicide attack in Atatürk Airport last night. Tens of people have lost their lives. However, an announcement from the official website of Marmaray today also caused uneasiness. It was claimed that the flights were stopped first in Marmaray. This notification made after the bomb attack has brought to mind the question whether there is a notice or something. But the truth came out later.
In fact, the issue has nothing to do with the suicide attack last night. A situation that was already planned. In general, the statement made by Marmaray for technical reasons were stopped.
In the following hours, the technical problem was tried to be solved and the flights started to be delayed. However, it is reported that the problems continue. Due to disruptions, passengers arriving at Üsküdar station to use Marmaray are directed to other areas to use different means of transportation.
The people who are already very cautious and frightened are being welcomed with such disruptions. There were two live bomb attacks in the VIP Outbound section of Atatürk Airport International Terminal last night, and when our news was prepared for publication, it was reported that 36 had been killed. There were also many question marks, including hundreds of wounded. Like how the terrorists got there.

Günceleme: 10/12/2018 16:15

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