The first 11 of the Gulf is completed

The first 11 of the Gulf have been completed: One of the new ships of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, whose names have been determined by "the votes of the people of Izmir", has met with the Gulf. The ship named Vahap Özaltay, the legend of Altay, became the 11th player of the new fleet.
The construction of 15 of the 11 new passenger ships that the Metropolitan Municipality brought to the city and whose names were determined by Izmir residents was completed. The ship, which reached the Gulf of Izmir after the last controls of the shipyard in Yalova, was named after Vatay Özaltay, the legendary player of Altay. It was reported that Vahap Özaltay will start the journey in the coming days after the procedure regarding the permitting process is completed.
Respect for legends
The names of the ships brought by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to the transportation fleet were determined as a result of the survey conducted with the participation of Izmir residents. In the survey, in which more than 500 thousand games were used, the highest vote was named 1881-Atatürk. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has put 10 ships manufactured to date, has given these names the names of Çakabey, 9 September, 1881 Atatürk, Soma 301, Dario Moreno, Attila İlhan, Foça, Cengiz Kocatoros, Gürsel Aksel and Sait Altınordu. The names of the passenger car ships received were Hasan Tahsin and Ahmet Piriştina, who also came to the fore in the survey.
He was the first player
Vahap Özaltay (1908-1965), with a black skin called "Arab", comes to Izmir after his father's appointment at the age of 14, and starts football here. Young football player, one of the most important names of the foundation years of Altay, shows his loyalty to his team after the Surname Law came out, by taking the surname Özaltay. Vahap Özaltay, who was the pride of İzmir in a short time, begins to play the leading role in Altay's victories. He is also "the first professional football player in Turkey" stop.
Hemant Ozaltay, in later years, "bringing new systems to Turkey and implements football man" made a reputation as. He was also the coach of the Army National Team, which became the World Champion in 1954. 'How to Play Football?' is a book by Hemant Ozaltay was a successful athlete also representing Turkey in the Balkans Atletimz Championship.



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