Gulf Project EIA report is ok

Körfez Project EIA report is complete: Ministry of ENVIRONMENT and Urbanization General Directorate of EIA Permit and Inspection, Review and Evaluation Commission, TCDD and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality have found the EIA report for the 'Izmir Bay and Port Rehabilitation Project' to be sufficient. At the last stage of the report, which will be suspended at the Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization at the end of the month, 'EIA Final Positive Decision' will be made by the Ministry.
The countdown has begun for the positive EIA decision of the 'Izmir Bay and Port Rehabilitation Project', which has caused controversy in Izmir and expected for three years. The EIA Permit and Inspection General Directorate found the EIA report of the project sufficient in its second meeting. He ended the inspection and evaluation process. The report will be sent to the Governorship of İzmir, after the final opinions of the DSI General Directorate, the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage Museums, the Ministry of National Defense, the General Directorate of Spatial Planning and the General Directorate of Environmental Management are added. Then it will be suspended in the Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization. AK Party Provincial Chair Bülent Delican announced this last stage to İzmir before the EIA Final Positive Decision.
AK Party Provincial Chairman Bülent Delicen announced at the press conference that the EIA process has been largely completed. Delican said, “EIA positive opinion was given at the second Review and Evaluation Commission meeting held at the Ministry on June 16. In the next process, the report will be sent to the Governorship. It will hang for 10 days. Later, the process will be completed with the submission of the EIA report by the Ministry. This stage, which has been reached with the important contributions of Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım in cleansing the Gulf, will be beneficial to Izmir. Nobody should try to extract political material from here. Manipulation is extremely unnecessary. “We are in favor of acting together on matters concerning Izmir”.
Delican also said that the project, which has occupied the Izmir public in recent years, has been used as political manipulation. He stated that the deepening of the bottom of the Izmir Bay and increasing the depth from 12 meters to 17-18 meters to allow large tonnage ships to enter the port was designed by TCDD Port Management for a long time. Stating that İzmir Metropolitan Municipality is also working on water circulation for the purpose of swimming bay, Delican said, “In 2012, it was decided to jointly make projects. The deal has been made. Joint EIA application has been made. The main owner of the project is TCDD. It has decided to take the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality as a partner. An EIA application was made in 2012. The EIA process started in 2013. However, since the Gediz Delta is in Wetland Protection Zones, the EIA process has been suspended in order to obtain the opinions of the General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks and the General Directorate of Protection of Natural Assets and to eliminate other deficiencies. After receiving positive opinions, the process started again. In the new process, there was a delay this time due to the oceanographic (ocean sciences) report. After the submission of this report, the report was found appropriate at the last meeting, ”he said.
He said that the issue has been manipulated for two and a half years and the report has not been given, “Do you have a grudge against Izmir? What do you want? " AK Party Provincial Chairman Delican criticized İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu by stating that they were trying to adopt the joint project with words such as: “The air was blown as if this ownership would rehabilitate the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, İZSU Bay and prevent the AK Party Government. It is as if we live in France. This city is for all of us. We owned this project to the end. "It has come to its final stage with the intervention of the Prime Minister."
Bülent Delican stated that they had previously said that they will take away the excuses of Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu and said, “We will clear and eliminate the excuses and excuses for İzmir just as we clean İzmir Bay with the EIA report. Izmir will not be a city of excuses and excuses. The EIA process unnecessarily stalled the city's agenda. Kocaoğlu, who has been conducting a perception operation to people by manipulating this process and trying to marginalize the city, received the determination and support of the Prime Minister and ministers. I guess he feels hijacked for what he's done We have a prime minister from Izmir. We want to open a new page. He also wholeheartedly supported Binali Yıldırım to become Prime Minister. Let's not turn it into a fight between you and me ”.



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