Ankara Keçiören Metro Opens at the End of the Year

Ankara Metro
Ankara Metro

Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım opened the Keçiören Ottoman Public Market yesterday. Yıldırım said, “Keçiören Subway is ending at the end of this year. I hope our dear fellow townspeople will go to the heart of Ankara from Keçiören within minutes, ”he said.

The Ottoman Public Market, which was rebuilt by the Metropolitan Municipality and Ankara Chamber of Commerce in 20 months, was opened in Keçiören with a ceremony attended by Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım. In his opening speech, Prime Minister Yıldırım said, “Today, our tradesmen now have more beautiful, renovated shops than before. With the project, 253 shops were built in a 5 thousand square meter closed area to replace these completely burned shops. ATO took responsibility, our Mayor of Municipality provided the necessary contribution and today this job has been done for 6 million. But there is also 253 million cash aid given to each of the tradesmen who were victims in the first days for their workplaces. May it be nice. Now, as of May 6.5, the shops have surrendered and the counter is opened. May Allah give good profits. He spoke so that Allah may give the abundance of Ramadan. Prime Minister Yıldırım said the following regarding the opening date of Keçiören Metro:


A young man from Ankara sent me a message. More precisely, he sent a tweet. He says to his friend, 'My love, let our love be like Keçiören Metro. It should never end.' I have bad news for these beautiful young people. May your love never end, but Keçiören Metro is ending at the end of this year. I hope our dear fellow townspeople from Keçiören will go to the heart of Ankara very comfortably within minutes.


CHAIRMAN Melih Gökçek also stated that the biggest problem of Keçiören is traffic.

Our Prime Minister, who started the project of Keçiröen Metro when he was the Minister of Transport, will hopefully lay the foundation this year and Keçiören Metro will be connected to the Airport Metro. We also want to make another way, that is the tunnel road. We are also in the preparations for a new road that enters from Keçiören, passes by the newly built hospitals, and goes through 18.5 kilometers of tunnels and viaducts that pass under METU until Çankaya. We are looking for customers in build-operate, it will be another exit door for Keçiören.

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