Izmit's lost railway line

Izmit's lost railway line: Yesterday we have a railway in Izmit, today we are on the coast. Do you know we have a missing railroad?
There was some news from the national press organizations recently, maybe you caught your attention. In World War I, it was mentioned that the "Golden Horn-Kemerburgaz-Black Sea Coast (Dekovil) Rail System Line", which was established to transport coal from the mines on the Black Sea coast to the Guntaraga thermal power plant on the Golden Horn coast, will be brought to life again.
This line, which has been used for many years, has gone into oblivion. Now it is planned to return this line to life.
Do you know that there is such a missing railway line in Izmit?
Last week he wrote the bombing of Izmit Çuha Factory. (Readers can read from the link at the end of the story.)
Izmit Çuha Factory, writing about the article we have reached another interesting information. There is a railway line between Izmit Çuha Factory and Izmit Bay. This line, which was working yearly, was forgotten when the factory closed.
There is not much information about this railway line called “Başiskele-Kullar Dekovil Line”.
Başiskele-Kullar Dekovil Line is one of the least published subjects in the studies on Izmit history. There is almost no academic study on the subject. In the research of Hilal Karavar, which is one of the rare works, special attention was paid to the tools of the factory between Kullar Çuha Factory and Başiskele and it was tried to ensure that the damaged machines were repaired immediately. Necessary tools, manufactured products were brought or shipped by sea. The arrival to the factory was provided by the decoovil line between the factory and the bay ”.
This line is clearly visible on a map in the TCDD archive. The railway line, starting from Izmit Çuha Factory located in Kulalı, ends at the coast of present-day Basiskele. Although there is no clear information, it is assumed that loading and unloading is done to the ships through a small port on the Başiskele coast and this line is assumed to be moved to the factory.

According to a study conducted on a map in the TCDD archive, it was revealed that the line of the decoovil between Başiskele Kullar was 6.68 km. No data was available on the map line that continued after Kullar.
It is not possible to reach the width of the Dekovil line and whether the full wagons ramp up from the pier to Kullar and again the locomotive power of the filled wagons down from Kullar or with human power.
Academicians who are interested in this secret history of Izmit have to do research. Maybe more interesting information might come out.
The line in Istanbul is trying to be revived. How beautiful would it be if we could do such a study on our lost rail line? As a matter of fact, it is very difficult. Because the route is now on the main road, there are many houses and workplaces. If this is not possible, then one day, if the Izmit Çuha Factory is brought back to its feet, something should be done about the presence of such a line. Izmit people can remember the lost dates a little bit.



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